Thermal comfort advice

Regardless of whether a new-build or renovation – Kermi is your expert partner for product solutions for anything to do with heating, cooling,  and ventilating. In our guides we explain the most important specialist terms and give tips on product selection, from radiators to residential ventilation.


Radiator advice

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Why a therm-x2 energy saving radiator?

The Kermi therm-x2 steel panel radiators with their patented serial flow x2-technology offer a solution for energy transfer which is globally unique. They provide the highest level of efficiency resulting in energy savings of up to 11 %, while at the same time ensuring 100 % comfort – at every point of operation.

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Valve technology and hydraulic balancing

State-of-the-art valve technology ensures the most accurate adjustability, heating comfort, and energy efficiency in every radiator with valve by Kermi. As a result, we are setting standards in radiator valve technology – particularly in respect of simplified hydraulic balancing.

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Which radiator is the right one?

Kermi offers an extensive range of radiators  – they are an important part of the Kermi System x-optimised. What radiators are there to choose from? And which radiator is the right one? Our guide should help you find the right radiator. Because Kermi is the go-to manufacturerwhen it comes to radiators.

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Panel heating & cooling advice

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Hydraulic balancing of underfloor heating

Hydraulic balancing of the underfloor heating system ensures that all rooms in the building are evenly supplied with heat. Especially in multi-family houses, hydraulic balancing is an economic and ecological necessity that is also required in relevant DIN standards and regulations.

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Heat pump advice

Which heat pump is the right one?

Large or small property, single-family house or multi-family house – which heat pump is the right one for your own construction or modernisation project depends above all on the conditions in and around the house. Some rough basic data and classifications help in the selection process.

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Sound level and sound insulation

With their exceptionally effective sound and vibration absorption Kermi heat pumps generate scarcely more noise emission than a ticking alarm clock.

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Optimise your own consumption

Save electricity costs long term with Kermi and electricity storage systems by Fenecon.

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Cooling with a heat pump?

Whether air-to-water, brine-to-water or water-to-water heat pump – heat pumps can also be used to cool living spaces if the necessary technical requirements are met.

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Combining a heat pump with solar panels

It makes perfect sense to combine a heat pump and a solar panel system: Heat pumps need conventional electricity to operate – a solar panel system generates electricity from solar energy. And Kermi x-change dynamic heat pumps have an integrated solar panel interface as standard.

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Residential ventilation advice

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What residential ventilation is the right one?

Whether it's a single-family house or an multi-family house, a new-build or a building that has been modernised for energy efficiency – controlled residential ventilation provides fresh air and healthy thermal comfort. Either centralised or decentralised ventilation systems are suitable. This guide will provide you with an overview as to which residential ventilation system is suitable for which building and should help you choose one.

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This is how important controlled residential ventilation filters are

Controlled residential ventilation continuously supplies living spaces with fresh air. The filters – outside air filters and extract air filters – play an important role here. What quality filters do you need? How often do the filters need to be replaced?

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