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For special hygienic requirements.

In clinics and hospitals, reliable and efficient building technology is indispensable.

A stable indoor climate that is precisely adapted to each area protects both the sensitive medical equipment and the patients and staff. We have already sustainably proven the efficiency of heating, air conditioning, and hot water supply in numerous property projects.

In the healthcare sector in particular, dust-reduced climates are considered vital and radiators need to be accessible and easy to clean quickly. That is why we offer special concepts to provide an economical and convenient solution that caters to hygiene requirements.

Hygiene, safety, and economy

Reliability a top priority

Clinics and hospitals are run according to strict structures and protocols, and must be able to rely on their building technology. That is why reliability is at the top of the list of their requirements. However, these buildings often place high demands on hygiene, safety, and efficiency.

  • Easy to clean: hygiene as a top priority, meaning no hidden edges, corners, slits, or openings, including on the fixings
  • Resistance to disinfectants: functional safety and a long service life, even after coming into contact with disinfectants
  • Safety: in accordance with requirements of the German Federal Association of Public-Sector Accident Insurers (BAGUV) and German Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV), there are no sharp edges and radii are appropriately rounded
  • Robust: the highest-quality materials and manufacturing ensure stability
  • Heating and cooling operation: according to requirements, industry, and time of year
  • Communication: option of connecting to an existing building management system via a BUS system
  • Free from pollutants: both in the materials and during operation
  • Low operating costs: low energy consumption due to efficient operation, with low or no maintenance requirements
  • Climate protection/recycling: in production and in operation, all components boast the smallest possible carbon footprint

For special hygienic requirements

Building services components in clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ surgeries are subject to extremely high sources of stress and strict legal requirements.

It is vital to pay strict attention to the hygienic requirements and the safety requirement classes for fixings in these applications. And of course, efficient operation is particularly noticeable when heat demand is high. Trench convectors.

Kermi therm-x2 Profil-K / -V / -Vplus Hygiene – for hygiene needs.

therm-x2 steel panel radiators

Patented x2 technology ensures maximum energy efficiency and a pleasant level of comfort.

Kermi Credo quadris design and bathroom radiators feature outstanding flexibility during planning and installation.

Bathroom and home radiators

For individual bathroom and living space design.


Compact, elegant radiator – ideal in front of floor-to-ceiling windows

Kermi heating panel

Heating panels

Amazing heat output despite short heating periods, and precise control. Also available as a special solution for any installation scenario.