Panel heating and surface cooling

Invisible heat source in the winter, pleasant cooling in the summer without a draught.

Powerful and durable, x-net ensures a pleasant room climate as underfloor heating or wall heating. Suitable x-net system solutions are available for both new construction and renovation. The versatile installation options are suitable both for wet laying in the screed and for dry laying on the screed. As a result, the available knob system, clip system, hook & loop system or tacker systems can be optimally used in the private as well as in the commercial and industrial sectors.

What systems are available to choose from?

Insulation-free systems

In situations that require an especially low panel heating structure, systems without insulation are an ideal solution. They are available with the option of a clip system, a hook-and-loop panel, a knob element, or a thin layer system.

Systems with insulation

If the necessary installation height is available, then underfloor heating with insulation is the best choice. The insulation reduces energy costs and increases comfort.

Wall heating

Wall heating provides comforting warmth across the surface of the wall into the room. With its low flow temperatures, it is ideally suited to low temperature heating systems. Solutions are available for new builds and renovation projects.

Electrical solutions

Electric underfloor heating is the perfect solution in cases where there is no system available for central hot water heating or where the installation height available is only very low. It is a particularly ideal solution for renovation projects.

Industrial panel heating

Panel heating for commercial and industrial buildings allows rooms to be used in the most effective way possible without radiators taking up any space or disrupting the work flow. Not only that, but it eliminates the costs and resources required to clean and maintain heat exchangers.

x-net system components

x-net® home station

For hygienic domestic water heating and efficient heat supply.

Can be operated with all heat sources – x-net home stations ensure hygienic domestic water heating using the continuous flow principle, plus an efficient heat supply using an integrated underfloor heating manifold and a direct heating circuit.

x-net® controls

Thermal comfort at the press of a button.

Clever panel heating and surface cooling control. The desired level of thermal comfort can be set individually for each room. Clever control also means clever savings. x-net control is available in two product lines to suit the requirements in question precisely.

Kermi x-net connect system – GEG-compliant underfloor heating in apartment hallways with increased impact sound protection.

x-net® connect

Two problems – one solution.

Say goodbye to uncontrolled heat dissipation – with the x-net connect systems, heat is specifically guided under the screed in the area of the underfloor heating manifold, enabling a heating mode that is efficient and controlled. This prevents significant heat losses in this area.

x-link® plus

The perfect way to connect designer radiators to underfloor heating.

The connection fitting with a White or Chrome cover perfectly fits the 50 mm connection for the radiator.

How does underfloor heating actually work?

The way in which underfloor heating or wall heating works is as simple as it is ingenious: instead of radiators being installed in the room, pipelines are laid in the floor or wall and eventually have hot or cold water flowing through them. The hot water transfers its energy through the heating pipe to the floor and heats up the room as evenly as a radiator would. This means you can even walk around barefoot in the winter if you like.

And why can it also cool?

Cold water extracts heat from the floor, thereby cooling the room evenly – a real relief in the summer. The cooling function is not only considerably more pleasant than a conventional air conditioning system as it does not create any draughts, it also saves on expensive electrical energy.

Selecting the right underfloor heating system depends on what floor you want to lay later on, for example, and/or whether you are working on a new build or renovating. There are essentially two basic systems: one for wet installation in screed, such as the x-net C11 knob system or the x-net C12 tacker system, and one for dry installation, such as the x-net C13 dry system. Your nearest Kermi specialist partner will be delighted to help you select the right system for you.

Incidentally, underfloor heating was used as far back as Roman times – and the basic principle applied then was quite similar to the way in which underfloor heating systems still work today.

Can wall and underfloor heating be installed retroactively?

Yes, it can. And it’s easier than you think. Kermi offers special underfloor heating systems for renovation that make it significantly easier to replace radiators with underfloor heating. With the x-net C16 clip system, the x-net C15 thin layer system, and the x-net C13 dry system, retrospective installation is quick and effortless. If the conditions at the construction site do not permit underfloor heating to be installed, the x-net C21 and x-net C22 wall heating systems are the method of choice in renovation projects. With regards to comfort and function, wall heating delivers the same performance as underfloor heating – the only difference is that its heating pipes are installed in the walls, which are more easily accessible. This makes wall heating ideal for use in renovation.

Benefits for renovation:

  • Renovation and refurbishment can be performed while the property is occupied
  • Can be installed without chiselling or demolition work
  • Extremely low installation heights
  • Compatible with various floor coverings

Underfloor heating and cooling in the commercial sector

Benefits for industry applications

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Particularly in the commercial sector, underfloor heating systems need to be durable, tough, and reliable.

The x-net C14 industrial panel heating disappears invisibly into the floor, ensuring a pleasantly heated or cooled environment in summer and winter.

The advantage of industrial panel heating from Kermi is that the heating pipes are installed right in the resistant concrete floor – for quick and easy installation plus optimum heating and cooling output.

Benefits for use in industry

  • Adjustable installation bracket for the industrial panel heating (IFH) manifold
  • x-net pipe dispenser for ergonomic pipe handling
  • Can be used with many types of concrete, such as reinforced steel concrete, pre-stressed concrete, vacuum concrete, and fibre-reinforced concrete
  • Professional support with planning and on location