Solutions for private individuals

Detached house. Block of flats. Renovated old building.

Kermi detached house – customised feel-good warmth.

Looking for the perfect indoor climate in your own four walls?

Kermi detached house – customised feel-good warmth.

Detached house

As a homeowner, you can make an active contribution to environmental protection by using innovative systems: an investment of this kind not only reduces energy consumption, but also keeps carbon emissions to a minimum.

Kermi detached house – customised feel-good warmth.

Block of flats

Blocks of flats are designed to provide many people with a home. The focus in this case is on cost security, an appealing standard of quality at affordable prices, and a sustainable and contemporary construction method with impressive energy efficiency.

Renovated old building

Old buildings are very popular places of residence. However, old heating systems do not meet today’s ideas of comfort and efficiency, nor do they comply with the current German Renewable Energies Heat Act.

Kermi Elveo design and bathroom radiators – state-of-the-art design. Heat via infrared.