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Administrative buildings have a range of different needs that heating and climate technology has to satisfy.

Not only do they contain large entrance areas with high levels of footfall, but they are also home to smaller office spaces in which focused work takes place all day long. Other aspects to consider are meeting rooms and adjoining rooms that are used infrequently.

In every area, the key is to develop solutions that ensure custom control of the room temperature and ventilation. The best way to achieve this is with a coordinated system that combines heating, hot water, and residential ventilation.


Practical, appealing, effective

Kermi industry solution – industrial buildings.

Integrated planning of structural engineering and building technology provides the basis for supplying administrative buildings with cost-effective heat. The aim is to maintain a positive indoor climate for employees and visitors alike – as economically as possible. The budget has to include not only running costs for heating energy, but also the initial investment. Sophisticated technology saves time and money during planning, installation, and maintenance in this case.

  • Individual control: heating and cooling can be controlled separately for each office 
  • Positive indoor climate: during every season of the year, employees and visitors enjoy a positive indoor climate in line with workplace regulations
  • Integratable: hassle-free integration of all components into the existing building management system
  • Value for money: investment costs pay for themselves through performance 
  • Low operating costs: low energy consumption due to efficient operation, with low maintenance requirements
  • Ambience: an attractive design for areas such as entrance halls and conference rooms
  • Free from pollutants: both in the materials and during operation
  • Climate protection/recycling: in production and in operation, all components boast the smallest possible carbon footprint

Good planning, perfect solutions

Sophisticated heat distribution is an essential part of managing energy in administrative buildings effectively. You need innovative technology you can trust – from the initial planning stages through to completion, operation, and maintenance.


Compact, elegant radiator – ideal in front of floor-to-ceiling windows

Kermi heating panel

Heating panels

Amazing heat output despite short heating periods, and precise control. Also available as a special solution for any installation scenario.

Panel temperature control

Invisible heating and cooling for all requirements with x-net underfloor or wall heating.

Kermi therm-x2 Profil steel panel radiators

therm-x2 steel panel radiators

Patented x2 technology ensures maximum energy efficiency and a pleasant level of comfort.