BIM, CAD, and 3D bathroom planning data

For the purposes of design according to the BIM method, this area contains 3D geometry data for radiators, the x-net panel heating system, home stations, the x-well ventilation system, x-change heat pumps, and x-buffer heat storage tanks. 

3D bathroom planning data based on the ARGE data model is available for 3D planning of bathroom scenarios. 

BIM portal

The Kermi BIM portal provides you with BIM-compatible data in over 30 CAD formats (such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Allplan, Archicad, and Trimble), including the relevant product attributes, for download.

Important note: In order to download CAD models, you must first log in as a specialist partner.

Technical data sets according to VDI 3805

Convenient downloads for your planning software

Outstanding quality starts with efficient planning. As a matter of course, we are committed to providing you with everything you need for your work with Kermi indoor climate solutions.

For this reason, on this page we have compiled technical data sets – compliant with VDI 3805 – for our radiators, heating fittings, panel heating systems, heat pumps, and heat storage tanks, and made them available to download easily.

VDI 3805 sheets for Kermi product groups


VDI 3805/6 data set (radiators) for importing into planning software via the import interface according to data guideline VDI 3805 Sheet 6 for radiators (Edition 2022-04)

VDI 3805 is actively supported by the following software manufacturers (BDH cooperation partners): KERN, DATA DESIGN SYSTEMS, ENVISYS, HOTTGENROTH, LINEAR, ROWA SOFT, SOFTWARE SPECIAL SERVICES, TACOS, VALENTIN, VELA SOLARIS, PLANCAL, BIALLY, WILLMS VDI 3805 software partners to BDH 

VDI 3805/ISO 16757

The VDI 3805 guideline was developed within VDI work groups and aims to provide a standardised data format for product data exchange in computer-supported plumbing, heating, and air conditioning planning processes. Based on the basic guideline VDI 3805 Sheet 1 (Fundamentals), there are special data sheets available for the different groups of products (such as Sheet 6 for radiators, Sheet 23 for residential ventilation units, and Sheet 22 for heat pumps). Further information

VDI 3805 is currently being transposed into ISO 16757. ISO 16757 is a global directive for exchanging TGA product data using the BIM method. 

Heating fittings

VDI 3805/2 heating fittings data set for importing into planning software via the import interface according to data guideline VDI 3805 Sheet 2 for heating fittings (guideline edition 2016-01). The valve settings on the radiator valve can be determined by using the heating fittings data set and calculating the hydraulic balancing. Fittings content: V3K, V4K, V5K, service valve, valve shut-off block.

New: V7K-L valve insert with dynamic flow control


VDI 3805 data set Sheet 2 (guideline edition 2016-01) replaces the previous editions 2003-02 and 1998-10 (ha.tga). Updating the data according to the guidelines until now was stopped in 2007.

Controlled residential ventilation


VDI 3805/5 (air vents + weather protection grilles)

Guideline edition: 2020-03

VDI 3805/23 (residential ventilation units)

Guideline edition: 2019-03

VDI 3805/29 (pipes and pipe fittings)

Guideline edition: 2020-07

VDI 3805/35 Dampers, blinds and volume flow control units

Guideline edition: 2008-01

Heat pump

VDI 3805/22 data set for heat pumps, for importing into design or energy advice software for heat generators and storage systems via the VDI 3805 Sheet 22 import interface.

Heat storage

VDI 3805/20 data set for storage, for importing into design or energy advice software for heat generators and storage systems via the VDI 3805 Sheet 20 import interface.


VDI 3805 web navigator and 3D bathroom & product data

VDI 3805 web navigator for radiator dimensioning

For 2D/3D CAD planning, the VDI 3805 web navigator (available for use online in web browsers) can be used to generate the required CAD file for Kermi radiators. The CAD data can be downloaded to CAD programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Nemitschek in the following formats: DXF, DWG, IFC, STEP, and RFA. There are also attributes available for the geometries, allowing the data to be used for the BIM process.

Please note:

Make sure that your pop-up blocker, if you are using one, is deactivated in your browser in order for this application to work.

BIM4HVAC VDI 3805/6 radiator dimensioning

Download BIM-CadApp (required for CAD export)

Download VDI3805 Revit Connector/VDI3805 AutoCAD MEP Connector (interface for AutoDesk programs)

Kermi BIM data integration in Revit

3D bathroom planning data

For bathroom radiators, shower enclosures, and wet floor systems, product and geometry data is available in the form of 3D bathroom planning data for 3D planning in accordance with the guidelines of ARGE New Media. The data can be retrieved automatically in the bathroom planning programs ARGE Partner Palette, ViSoft, Innova, M3B, DVC, ArCon, BDVCAD, and Saninet. There’s no need to download or install anything.

You can find an overview of the available products here:

ARGE Online Viewer

You can find more information on bathroom planning here:

Bathroom planning made easy with ARGE

ARGE – Building digital competence

Kermi is a partner of ARGE. On the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning portal solution you’ll find bathroom planning data from more than 40 suppliers. ARGE also offers web service interfaces which make it possible for the user to install KERMI bathroom planning data directly in the software. The bathroom data format is developed and maintained as part of ARGE association work.

3D product data in DXF/DWG format

3D data for your own CAD planning

3D data for bathroom radiators for import into CAD programs in *.DXF data format.