Corporate policy

Corporate policy

The principle of sustainability is key.

The Building Technology Division of Arbonia AG carries out its activities based on the principle of sustainability.

With its commitment to quality, ecology, energy efficiency and safety, the division acts responsibly toward the various stakeholders and optimises the underlying requirements for customer satisfaction and long-term economic success.

Quality. Environment. Energy. Occupational safety.

The goal 

is to develop products that are resource- and energy-efficient, both during their production and in their subsequent operation.

We are focused fully on the needs and requirements of our customers, with a high degree of innovation and a reliable standard of quality.

Principle of sustainability
Areas of responsibility

The areas of responsibility for quality, environment, occupational safety, and energy

are precisely defined within the management system. All employees are collectively accountable for the performance and functionality of our products and the efficiency of every process operation

As a consequence, we challenge them with assignments carrying a high degree of responsibility and systematically advance their understanding of our processes, products, and services with regard to their safety, energy, quality, and environmental aspects.

To make sure our employees act according to these principles, we primarily use the approach of information, instruction, and training suitable for all employee levels.

Through goal-oriented personal and technical development, we promote team spirit, commitment, and loyalty, as well as excellent market, process, and product expertise throughout the hierarchy.

Our products, manufacturing processes, and workflows

are designed so that the safety, security, and health of employees, customers, and users as well as the environment are not put at risk.

Together with government agencies and emergency organisations we develop concepts, emergency action plans, and other measures for the protection of employees, the public, and the environment.

We consider legal requirements to be minimum requirements.


We show our commitment by setting suitable targets

and measures to continuously improve our performance and, as a result, the efficacy of our management system.

When we make investments, we prize careful use of resources. We regularly evaluate the achievement of objectives and the remaining risks on the basis of key performance indicators in the areas of quality, health, safety, energy, and environmental protection.

Mistakes present us with opportunities to innovate and improve. All of the financial and structural prerequisites necessary for implementation have been established.

We conduct internal and external audits for measuring and monitoring purposes at regular, fixed intervals.

In keeping with integrated resource management

we continuously record and analyse our material flows.

On this basis, we are constantly taking steps to increase material efficiency and our recycling rate, as well as reduce the amount of waste.

Waste disposal is managed with a waste management concept.

Resource management
Contractual partners

Our contractual partners

along the entire supply and disposal chain are required to uphold our standards in the areas of quality, health, safety and environmental protection. We provide support them with support in this area.