x-net® +e11 mat system

Electric underfloor heating with a low installation height.

The low installation height and manageable level of installation effort make the Kermi x-net ⁺e11 mat system the ideal solution for retrofitting underfloor heating. However, it is also suitable for new builds if no central pipe system is planned.


As an electric form of underfloor heating, the x-net +e11 mat system does not need any heat transfer media or storage system. That is why the Kermi system really stands out with its low installation height, making it suitable for any installation scenario, particularly renovation projects. Compatible with virtually any floor covering, the Kermi system is embedded in the tile glue or the screed directly under the floor covering. The very short heating period makes the x-net +e11 mat system ideal for individually heating single rooms.

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x-net ⁺e11 mat system

  • Extra flat heating mat with very low installation height
  • Ideal for renovation projects
  • Perfect for decentralised heating of single rooms
  • To be laid directly under the floor covering according to DIN EN 50559
  • Room temperature controller with floor sensor to limit the floor temperature
  • Daily and weekly program with start optimisation according to Ecodesign Directive ErP 2015/1188
  • Pre-fabricated installation set

Kermi x-net +e11 complete set

Kermi x-net +e11 mat system, complete set

The x-net +e11 electric panel heating complies with the Ecodesign Directive and is available as a complete set in a variety of different sizes.

The panel heating, which is not affected by magnetic fields, is conveniently controlled using a room thermostat. The thermostat fits into any flush-mounted box and can be integrated into various switch ranges by using the appropriate adapter frame.


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