The heat pump radiator

Kermi x-flair steel panel radiators, heat pump radiators.

x-flair is the ideal radiator for low flow temperatures. The low-temperature radiator heats up quickly and distributes the heat effectively in the room by combining x2 technology with axial fans.

Refurbishing existing buildings with a heat pump. This radiator, which is designed for use with a heat pump, can be connected to existing pipes. It makes optimum use of the low flow temperature of the heat pump, heats up efficiently, and rapidly distributes the heat. This means that underfloor heating is not absolutely necessary. New build projects with a heat pump. Is it only at certain times that you need the children’s room, study, or utility room to get warm quickly? If so, x-flair is the perfect choice of radiator for your requirements.

Underfloor heating would take to long to respond in this context. This radiator is also perfect for operation in conjunction with condensing boilers.

In order to be truly efficient, condensing boilers rely on lower system temperatures. And, once again, that makes x-flair the ideal addition to the system.

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How you can benefit from x-flair


  • Ideal for operation with low-temperature heat generators
  • The x-flair is operated using a thermostatic sensor head just like a conventional radiator. The fans switch on and off automatically as required
  • Minimum noise thanks to sound-optimised axial fans and integrated acoustic decoupling – at just 25 dB as quiet as the sound of your breathing
  • System temperature can be significantly reduced. This then allows highly efficient operation with heat pumps and condensing boilers
  • Eligible for subsidies under current subsidy programmes
  • x-flair can be combined with all therm-x2 steel panel radiators as they look the same
  • Features original x2 technology as standard
  • With its cooling function, the x-flair heat pump radiator also provides a comfortable indoor climate in the summer too


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Product versions and impressions

Kermi x-flair Profil steel panel radiators with a profiled look.
Kermi x-flair steel panel radiators, heat pump radiators.

x-flair for new builds and refurbishment projects.

The right radiator for all low temperature systems.

x-flair heat pump radiators make optimum use of the low flow temperature of heat pumps or condensing boilers, heating up efficiently, and rapidly distributing the heat in the room.


x-flair power calculator

Easy to calculate demand

The x-flair power calculator makes it easy to determine demand for heat pump radiators


x-flair – our heat pump radiator

Get inspired by getting to know our x-flair steel panel radiator.

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The x-change heat pump

Kermi x-flair Plan steel panel radiators with a planar surface.

x-flair heat pump radiators

Kermi therm-x2 Line replacement radiators for renovation projects.


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x-flair Profil

x-flair Plan

Kermi x-flair Plan steel panel radiators with a planar surface.

x-flair Line

x-flair with cooling function

The x-flair is now available with a new cooling function: When combined with a heat pump such as the x-change dynamic pro – which is designed for heating and cooling as standard – the radiator ensures a comfortable temperature in both winter and summer.

The “Dry cooling” function becomes available if the special x-flair thermostatic sensor head is used.


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