Item data


Kermi is a partner to the international plumbing, heating, and air conditioning platform This is operated by industry association ARGE – Building digital competence. On you’ll find a whole host of product information from numerous brand manufacturers. For Kermi products, you can benefit from an online shop, countless documents, videos, a BIM platform, 3D bathroom planning data, item data, and images in a variety of formats. 

The product data is available to download in the following formats: 

  • CSV and Excel 
  • BMECat 1.2 (XML) 
  • ARGE XML (DQR 8.0) 
  • Datanorm 4.0 

Kermi is a partner of SHK-Connect. SHK-Connect makes it possible for you to automatically update the product catalogues (Datanorm data sets) in your trade software via the web service interface.
Further information is available at

Tender texts

Tender specifications for Kermi products

  • Radiators
  • x-net panel heating and surface cooling
  • x-change heat pumps and x-buffer heat storage tanks
  • x-well residential ventilation

can be compiled using the platform and exported to a total of nine data formats (Word, Excel, RTF, PDF, TXT, GAEB, XML, GAEB 90, DATANORM 5, and ÖNORM) into a performance specifications program of your choice.