Home station EMX

Replacement solution for gas-fired single-storey heating systems

x-net home station with underfloor heating manifold for hygienic domestic water heating and efficient heat supply.

The Kermi x-net home station EMX ensures direct heating and hygienically safe hot water generation with a control valve and without the need for auxiliary energy in the flow system. To replace gas-fired single-storey heating systems in existing buildings. Installed on a double base plate for surface mounting on the wall

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  • Stainless steel heat exchanger soldered with copper or stainless steel
  • Hot water output 37 kW, 45 kW, and 55 kW
  • Adapter suitable for heat flowmeters
  • Integrated differential pressure controller for hydraulic balancing of the stations with each other
  • Plug connection – no need to retighten internal screw connections
  • No legionella testing required
  • Thermally insulated pipelines

Product information

Application area

Application area

  • Hot water
  • Radiators
  • Replacement solution for gas-fired single-storey heating systems
Product description and function

Product description and function

The home station (1) consists of:

  • Heat exchanger without gaskets (37 /45 / 55 kW)
  • Flow and return outlet to connect to the radiator network
  • TPC-M controller for high energy efficiency and constant hot water temperature (for balancing several stations with each other)
  • Zone valve for Buildings Energy Act (GEG)-compliant control of the heating circuit
  • (actuator and room controller with time control as accessories)
  • Primary heating supply connection possible from below and optionally from above
  • Integrated summer bypass
  • Adapter for heat flowmeter
  • Optional White powder-coated protective cover hides the station and the connections

The primary lines are connected from below in the same way as the existing gas-fired heating systems (2).
As an option, the primary-side heating connection can also be made from above using the x-net pipework set EMX (2a).



Cabinets and covers

Cabinets and covers

An optional White powder-coated protective cover EMX is available.

Optional accessories

EMX pipework set for connection from above.

Optional accessories

The optional accessory connection set EMX makes it easy to precisely connect to the existing secondary lines in the home.

The x-net time control set EMX is available for Buildings Energy Act (GEG)-compliant control.


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