Block of flats

Intelligent solutions for blocks of flats

Block of flats

One of the basic needs of people is to feel at home

Blocks of flats are designed to provide many people with a home. In order for a property of this kind to be an economic success, the focus for building owners is on cost security, excellent reliability during development, an appealing standard of quality at affordable prices, and a sustainable and contemporary construction method with impressive energy efficiency.

Top quality

Contemporary functionality

Kermi block of flats – outstanding quality and contemporary functions.

The requirements and demands present within a block of flats can differ significantly from one housing unit to another. This means that a range of factors need to be considered in residential complexes and private apartments, making the building usable for the residents.

  • Appearance: modern design, suitable for any interior design concept
  • Comfort: more comfort through the dual function of heating and cooling
  • Advanced operation: prepared for the use of smart home functions and digital integration/networkability for operation via smartphone, for example
  • Low operating costs: low energy consumption due to efficient operation, with low maintenance requirements
  • Free from pollutants: both in the materials and during operation
  • Climate protection/recycling: in production and in operation, all components boast the smallest possible carbon footprint
  • Robust: long service life and reliable functionality

Cost-efficient supply with heat and hot water

Kermi heating panel

Heating panels

Amazing heat output despite short heating periods, and precise control. Also available as a special solution for any installation scenario.

Kermi Elveo design and bathroom radiators – infrared radiators for all-electric operation.

Bathroom and home radiators

For individual bathroom and living space design.

Panel temperature control

Invisible heating and cooling for all requirements with x-net underfloor or wall heating.

Kermi detached house – customised feel-good warmth.

therm-x2 steel panel radiators

Patented x2 technology ensures maximum energy efficiency and a pleasant level of comfort.


Discover the impressive solutions we have already provided for all kinds of applications

F-series x-well central residential ventilation with heat recovery.

Controlled residential ventilation

Clean air and a pleasant indoor climate in modern houses.