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x-center app

The x-center device control app for a comfortable home.  With this app, everyday life becomes simpler and more convenient. It’s easy to control your heat pump heating system when you’re at home or out and about – whenever you want and wherever you are. 

You do not need any additional hardware to control your heat pump via the app. Simply register at, request online access to your system, create a new connection profile with your registration details in the app, and off you go.

What does the x-center app do?

  • Control & monitoring of x-change dynamic pro heat pumps and all connected components
  • At home or while out and about
  • Create individual, personalised scenario settings
  • Comprehensive statistics function
  • Visualisation of alarm and warning messages
  • Individual, customisable favourites function
  • Dark and light mode
  • And much more

x-service app

The all-in-one tool for Kermi installers

In just a few steps, find the right Kermi radiators for you and easily determine heat output, valve settings, and much more.

  • Find the right radiator 

The entire range of Kermi radiators including steel panel radiators, designer radiators, bathroom radiators, heating panels, and convectors – plus connections and types. Lengths and heights including the relevant documents. 

  • Output calculator & valve presetting 

Comprehensive calculation of your Kermi radiator’s heat output on the basis of various temperature and output parameters – including flow display. 
Easy saving and sending thanks to integrated PDF generation function. 

  • Determine heat demand & radiators 

Determine the heating load of a room on the basis of the house, room, and heat source type, then identify the ideal Kermi products for this. 

  • x-flair radiator replacement configurator

In three easy steps, switch from your existing radiator to the right Kermi x-flair low-temperature radiator. 

  • News

Get news from Kermi to stay up to date with our products, events, promotions and much more. 


Customisable time programme for Kermi electric radiators

With EcoTimer, you can transmit a customised time programme to FKS, WKS, and WFS control units. The app establishes a Bluetooth connection with the control unit. Once the app has detected the room control unit, it is possible to rename the control unit, create time programmes for individual days that reoccur weekly, and transfer these to control units. 

The app allows you to control the “Off”, “Eco”, and “Comfort” operating states based on the time of day. The Comfort temperature is set using the rotary knob on the room control unit. In the Eco operating state, this temperature is reduced by a value that can be freely selected via the app. In the Off operating state, only frost protection is active, ensuring that the room temperature does not drop below 7 °C.

It is also possible to read out previously imported time programmes from the room control unit and adjust them.

Easy to establish a connection with the EcoTimer app

  • Enable location in app authorisations
  • Activate the location on your mobile phone after connecting for the first time
  • Pair the controller via Bluetooth (switch the controller on/off first)
  • Open the app
  • Connections
  • Switch the controller on/off briefly
  • Start a search and select the “Thermostat” displayed 

Onlinetool - Panel heating and surface cooling

x-net web design

Online based x-net quick design for calculating Kermi x-net panel heating systems. 

Range of functions:

x-net design online in the web browser without software installation, project management, rough heating load calculation based on building typology and system parameters, quick and easy circuit design for all x-net systems, determination of all relevant technical data including valve adjustment, determination and printout of material parts lists, printout of design and list of materials, list of materials export functions for further processing in the quotation program, import of project data into liNear Building. 

Onlinetool - Steel panel radiators

Emission Calculator & Valve Pre-Configuration

Calculation of the heat output and suitable valve presetting of your Kermi radiator based on various temperature and output parameters - including flow rate display.

Easy saving and sending of the calculation through integrated PDF generation.

Determine Heater Requirements & Radiator

Determine the heating load of a room based on the type of house, room and heat source and subsequently the suitable Kermi products.

  • Steel panel radiators
  • Bathroom and home radiators
  • Heating panels
  • Convectors

Configurator Radiator Exchange x-flair

In three simple steps from the existing radiator to the matching Kermi x-flair low-temperature radiator.

  1. Select existing radiator or enter heating load manually
  2. Select and configure the desired Kermi x-flair radiator
  3. Determine output and temperature values and download as PDF file

Onlinetool - Heat Pump

Noise calculator

Noise calculator for calculating noise immissions from Kermi heat pumps during day or night operation on the basis of the German Technical Guidelines for Noise Reduction (TA Lärm) forecasting process.

Annual COP (ACOP) calculator

With the APF calculator, you can calculate the annual COP for Kermi heat pumps in accordance with VDI 4650. The ACOP is the basis for subsidies provided in line with the various market incentive programmes.

Further information on subsidies

Heating label (ErP labelling)

Online application for calculating the combined energy label according to the ErP guideline.

Background: Since 26 September 2015, all quotations for heat generators and domestic hot water heaters or storage tanks and compound systems must have an energy label according to the EU Ecodesign/Labelling Directive 813/2013 or 814/2013. To generate the efficiency label (packaging label) in the case of compound system quotations, VdZ has developed a heating label web tool. This sector solution contains all the relevant data for Kermi x-change heat pumps and x-buffer storage units. The combined energy label generated by the application can either be downloaded or integrated into the heating engineer software via an interface.

Control software for download

x-well KNX circuit board

This software is designed for integrating x-well S and F residential ventilation units into KNX building management systems.
The optional additional KNX circuit board (Y3401000004K) is required for integrating the ventilation units.

The following files are available:

  • ETS file
  • KNX log in Excel format