x-well® F-series

Ideal for retrofitting due to the versatile installation options and its flat design.

x-well F270 ventilation unit

The x-well F-series with heat recovery is a range of compact ventilation units for comfortable and controlled residential ventilation. Thanks to the versatile installation options and shallow depth, they are ideal for renovation projects and can be easily installed in false walls and suspended ceilings. The volume flows can be controlled in accordance with demand based on the relative humidity of the extract air. For this purpose, the units have a humidity sensor integrated into the extract air line. Using this sensor, it is possible to control the volume flows according to demand based on the relative humidity. The countercurrent heat exchanger is made of polystyrene and serves as a really efficient heat recovery solution. The white powder-coated (RAL 9003 White) housing made of stainless steel is heat insulated and soundproof. The removable front part provides easy access for service and maintenance work or for replacing filter cassettes.

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F-series x-well central residential ventilation with heat recovery.


  • Powerful heat recovery ensures a pleasant supply air temperature and saves heating energy
  • Effective soundproofing thanks to sophisticated system components
  • Prevents draughts
  • Automatic summer bypass for making use of the cool night air in the summer
  • Demand-regulated control via humidity sensor (depending on unit)
  • Low electricity consumption thanks to efficient fans
  • Certified by Passive House Institute (PHI), depending on unit
  • Certified by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt – German institute for construction technology), depending on the unit

Central residential ventilation system with heat recovery for use in detached houses

The ventilation units from the F-series combine powerful performance with a compact design. With their shallow depth, they can be mounted vertically on a wall or attached to the ceiling. They are ideal for installation in utility rooms or similar locations where space is at a premium.

With its compact ventilation units, the Kermi x-well F-series with heat recovery ensures comfortable and controlled residential ventilation for living spaces measuring up to approx. 210 m². Thanks to their winning combination of efficiency and flexibility, these units are absolutely perfect for construction projects and modular homes. The flat design means they can be installed in false walls or suspended ceilings.

Further installation options in residential construction

Example apartment with 90 m², 3 rooms.
The ventilation unit is in the bathroom. The collector for the exhaust air and the manifold for the supply air are in the hallway.
Example apartment with 90 m², 3 rooms.
The ventilation unit is located in the bathroom. The supply air manifold is also in the bathroom; the exhaust air collector is installed in the hallway.

Product overview

Ventilation unit Living space
x-well F270 residential ventilation Up to approx. 210 m²
x-well F170/F170 E residential ventilation Up to approx. 120 m²
x-well F150 residential ventilation Up to approx. 105 m²


Floor outlet for the x-well central residential ventilation system

x-well® F150

  • For apartments and houses with up to approx. 105 m² of living space

  • Choice of horizontal ceiling or vertical wall mounting

  • Low power consumption: 0.227 Wh/m³

  • High heat recovery : 87 %

  • Low acoustic power level : 38 dB(A)

  • Extremely high air volume flow rate: 150 m³/h

  • Energy efficiency class A

x-well® F170/F170 E

x-well F170/F170 E ventilation unit

Enthalpy heat exchanger  for moisture recovery

  • Suitable for apartments and houses with up to approx. 120 m² of living space

  • Bypass function in the summer

  • Can be converted from left-hand to right-hand variant

  • Optional preheating coil can be integrated

  • Installation options: horizontal ceiling and vertical wall mounting

  • Energy-efficient due to: low electricity consumption (0.193 Wh/m³), high heat recovery  (92 % / 81.9 %)

  • Low acoustic power level  44.9 dB(A)

  • Energy efficiency class A+ / A

Product videos

Using the F170 flat ventilation unit as an example, this video shows a possible installation scenario that involves placing the unit and the main duct system in the suspended ceiling. Here, the manifolds/collectors and ventilation pipes are encased in the raw concrete ceiling.

If you are retrofitting the unit, it might make sense to integrate it into a suspended ceiling, e.g. during a renovation project, provided that the ceilings in the rooms are high enough. The round or flat ventilation pipes can, for example, be connected using manifolds/collectors that can be installed hanging from the ceiling.

x-well® F270

Ventilation unit specifically intended for apartments and houses, without a special plant room, up to 210 m² of living space.

  • Ceiling or vertical wall mounting

  • Energy efficiency due to low electrical power consumption (0.25 Wh/m³) an high heat recovery of 84.4 %

  • Low acoustic power level: 41 dB(A)

  • Extremely high air volume flow rate: 270 m³/h

  • Demand-regulated control via humidity sensor

  • Automatic bypass Optional preheating coil Constant volume flow control can be integrated thanks to intelligent fan technology

  • Different models: Right and left variants or version with enthalpy heat exchanger

  • Dimensions: 1100 x 600 x 280 mm

  • Energy efficiency class A


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