Decentralised residential ventilation

Installed retrospectively or planned right from the start

What is decentralised residential ventilation?

Decentralised residential ventilation refers to ventilation systems that are installed in individual living spaces and operate independently from one another. These systems regulate the infeed and removal of air using special filters and fans that not only ensure fresh air is constantly fed in, but also remove moisture and pollutants from the room air.

A benefit of decentralised residential ventilation systems is that they enable flexible installation and are also suitable for retrofitting. Additionally, they consume less energy in comparison to central ventilation systems, making them more cost-effective.

For retrospective installation or planning right from the start. Decentralised residential ventilation systems can be installed specifically in individual rooms. This takes very little effort, making installation possible not only in new builds but also further down the line. 

Uncomplicated, cost-effective, maintenance-friendly.

A good indoor climate with the lowest possible energy costs – x-well decentralised residential ventilation is the perfect solution for new or old buildings.

New buildings contain special installation bricks for accommodating this or, as an elegant alternative, allow for integration into the window reveal. Whichever option is chosen, this ensures that there is fresh air in every room. You also benefit from a pleasant appearance inside, and the system is only visible from the outside as an inconspicuous ventilation grille.

The small ventilation systems are installed separately for each room. Installations in renovation projects can be done quickly and easily by drilling a core hole through the outer wall.

The outer panels blend perfectly into the look of any house.

Residential ventilation advice

Which residential ventilation system is the right one for you?

Whether it’s used in a detached house, an apartment building, a new build, or a building that has been modernised for energy efficiency, controlled residential ventilation provides fresh air and a healthy indoor climate.

The importance of controlled residential ventilation

Controlled residential ventilation continuously supplies living spaces with fresh air. The filters it contains – comprising both outside air filters and extract air filters – play an important role in this.