Interior design styles and the right radiator

Which radiator will fit with my preferred interior design style?

Kermi Ideos design and bathroom radiators – a unique and distinctive radiator design based on a modular approach.

Which radiators work for me?

We often say that radiators don’t always have to be white, and that radiators provide both heat and comfort, but how do you find the right radiator from such a large selection of shapes, colours, types, and designs? 

Whether it’s being used for a new build or renovation project, the factors to consider when choosing a radiator are not only the size of the room, the use of the space, and the type of heat generation, but also the appearance. Radiators have long since changed from purely functional ribbed units to decorative elements that add to your home. Here are some inspirations to help you find the ideal heat source when designing your living space, kitchen, or bathroom. And just as a tip, you shouldn’t feel limited – feel free to combine your interior design style with your favourite pieces. That’s what will help you create your own personal atmosphere.

Ideas for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and hallway.

  • Colours affect the feeling of space
  • Shapes introduce character to living spaces
  • Good design is timeless
  • Accessories are practical aids

Scandinavian interior design style

Scandinavian style thrives on natural elements, subtle colours, and minimalist shapes. White and subtle pastel shades dominate in this style of furnishing. Furniture has a clear, straightforward design and a neutral tone. Light woods such as birch, spruce, and pine, and natural materials such as cotton, linen, or leather, create a sense of peace and cosiness.

Elveo | Colour White, RAL 9016 | Size 600 x 1000 mm

Kermi Elveo design and bathroom radiators – ideal for buildings without a central heating system.
Kermi Fineo design and bathroom radiators – geometric look. Ultra-thin design.


Colour White, RAL 9016 | Size 500 x 1800 mm

The Kermi Decor-Arte Plan design and bathroom radiator will thrill you with its modern and minimalist design.

Decor-Arte Plan

Colour White, RAL 9016 | Size 660 x 1800 mm

Modern interior design style

Modern interior design styles look elegant and expressive, harnessing clean lines and minimalist design. A monochrome design in White, Grey, or Black is combined with materials in a cool look, such as stainless steel, chrome, or aluminium. Less is more in this case, so you should consider minimalist accessories when creating a modern style. Smooth furniture fronts and glass elegantly round off the modern look.

Decor-Arte Plan | Colour White, RAL 9016 | Size 660 x 1800 mm

With Kermi Decor-Arte Plan design and bathroom radiators, up to three individual elements can be installed next to one another.
Kermi Decor-Arte Pure design and bathroom radiators – clear design. Horizontal or vertical versions available.

Deco-Arte Pure

Colour White, RAL 9016 | Size 595 x 1600 mm

Kermi Tabeo design and bathroom radiators – experience beauty and comfort in one.


Colour White, RAL 9016 | Size 500 x 1437 mm

Kermi Elveo design and bathroom radiators – infrared radiators for all-electric operation.


Colour Black | Size 600 x 1000 mm


Colour Gloss Silver Metallic | Size 600 x 1725 mm

Industrial interior design style

The industrial style is cool, raw, and free from frills. Rough wood with patina, metal, and concrete accents create a look that’s reminiscent of the charm of a New York factory building. Dark leather and unvarnished steel create a masculine atmosphere. Muted colours such as Black, Grey, Dark Blue, Dark Red, and Dark Green are ideal as basic shades. Warm accents in shades of Yellow, Red, or Brown bring a little heat to this cool style.

Decor-Arte Line | Colour White, RAL 9016 | Size 450 x 1600 mm

Kermi Decor-Arte Line design and bathroom radiators – finely profiled surface. Variations in contrast.
Kermi Geneo circle design and bathroom radiators – all-round winners from the perspective of shape, price, and performance.

GENEO Circle

Colour Aluminium Grey | Size 1494 x 580 mm

On the Kermi Icaro design and bathroom radiator, the airy lightness of the vibrant dynamics has been retained along with the exciting asymmetry.


Colour Ice Blue | Size 1466 x 600 mm

Retro interior design style

With its organic and curved forms, the retro interior design style is reminiscent of movements such as Bauhaus. Elegant, dark, solid woods, kidney-shaped tables, and armchairs with tapered, often black legs are characteristic of this interior design concept. The furniture is in the foreground in this case, such as sideboards focusing on linear design. When it comes to colours, anything goes: expressive shades including Petrol and Ochre meet earthy tones and range from subtle shades of Beige and Brown to strong Mustard Yellow.

Credo Half | Colour White, RAL 9016 | Size 610 x 1466 mm

The Kermi Decor-Arte Pure design and bathroom radiator is available in many different heights and lengths.

Decor-Arte Pure

Colour Aluminium Grey | Size 595 x 1800 mm

Kermi Geneo quadris design and bathroom radiators – unusually shaped elements, attractive appearance.

Geneo quadris

Colour Forest | Size 596 x 1494 mm

Kermi x-therm +e Profil horizontal electric steel panel radiators with a profiled surface look.

x-therm +e

Colour White, RAL 9016 | Size 1200 x 600 mm

Classic interior design style

The classic style focuses on quality and durability – it doesn’t follow trends. High-quality materials and classic furniture pieces create a timeless, harmonious effect. Straight lines and muted colours convey cosiness and a chic sense that never goes out of style. Muted colours like Black, White, and Brown can be broken up with accessories in rich tones including Red, Green, and Blue.

Ideos | Colour Classic Copper | Size 758 x 1883 mm

Kermi Decor-Arte Line design and bathroom radiators with a fine, irregular surface texture.

Decor-Arte Line

Colour Aluminium January | Size 600 x 1800 mm

Kermi heating panel

Heating panel

Colour White, RAL 9016 | Size 630 x 2000 mm

Kermi Basic plus design and bathroom radiators also available in an electric version.

Basic plus

Colour Aluminium Grey | Size 564 x 1448 mm

Kermi therm-x2 Profil-V valve radiators with preset valve.

therm-x2 Profil

Colour White, RAL 9016 | Type 22, size 600 x 1200 mm

Kermi Rubeo design and bathroom radiators – pure aesthetics with clear, minimalist design lines.


Colour Grey Gold | Size 470 x 1925 mm