High-quality radiators from Kermi

Enhance any living space

Kermi therm-x2 Plan steel panel radiators – powerful with a smooth design.

Surround yourself with beauty

Tasteful decoration needs a careful eye. The colours, light, and furniture you choose all need to work as a harmonious whole. And that means thinking about the radiators too:

they are some of the furnishings that will define the specific character of your space the longest. For this reason, Kermi offers a wide range of high-quality panel radiators as well as many types of designer and bathroom radiators, in a range of dimensions.

Whether you prefer low-key harmony or want to create cheeky accents, with Kermi you can count on sustainable, energy-saving technology and the very best value for money.

The therm-x2 Line steel panel radiator

Discreetly elegant and boldly efficient.

Come on into the warm!

When you’re dreaming about what it feels like to be at home, you know that you simply want that feeling of well-being when you come through the door. And guests always remember their first impression of someone’s abode. From clean-lined surfaces and distinctive profiles to contrasting colours or cautious restraint, whatever you choose is a question of taste. In every case, however, with elegant steel panel radiators from Kermi you will benefit from the fantastic energy efficiency that our innovative x2 energy-saving technology delivers.

Kermi therm-x2 Line steel panel radiators
Kermi therm-x2 Line-K compact radiators with a timeless design.

Verteo Line

Sophisticated warmth with style

The Verteo Line with distinctive, finely profiled front and the Verteo Plan.

therm-x2 Plan

Versatile and elegant

From minimalism or classic elegance to rustic or Mediterranean styles, your interior design is your choice. therm-x2 Plan.

Kermi therm-x2 Plan steel panel radiators – powerful with a smooth design.

therm-x2 Profil and Plan

For individual flair

Modern design plus fresh colours and shapes express individual flair. The Kermi steel panel radiator with a height of 200 plus the Plan-V with centre connection.

Show off what you’re passionate about.

The living room is the focal point of life and reflects your personality. It provides a space for relaxation, entertainment, and even working. From minimalism or classic elegance to rustic or Mediterranean styles, your interior design is your choice. Kermi has the right steel panel radiators available in many types, sizes, and colours to complement whatever interior design style you choose.

Kermi therm-x2 Profil steel panel radiators – distinctive profiled look.
Kermi therm-x2 Plan-Vplus valve radiators, flexible with a brilliantly smooth design.

Pateo designer radiator

Convenience the elegant way

Exemplary form, output, and energy efficiency.

Are you still just cooking – or are you really living?

There’s no question that kitchens are becoming the new living room. For some time now, they have been more than just a place to prepare meals – their appearance is also an important factor in creating an environment where good company and enjoyment thrive. Modern design plus fresh colours and shapes express individual flair in the kitchen.

Kermi Pateo design and bathroom radiators with towel rail option for added convenience.

Tabeo and Casteo

Clean, straight lines.

Relax and unwind.

Enjoy your very own place where you can leave everything behind. In the bathroom, an appealing design and soothing warmth can help you forget the strains and stresses of everyday life. Bathroom radiators not only ensure that the bathroom is kept pleasantly warm, but also mean that snuggly warm towels are ready when you need them.

Kermi Tabeo-E design and bathroom radiators also available in an electric version.
The Kermi Casteo designer and bathroom radiator has attractive symmetry and makes a true virtue of simplicity.

Planning tips

A space by the window

The best place for radiators is still on an outer wall, preferably near or directly under the window. This applies particularly to larger rooms, such as living rooms or bedrooms. If the walls and windows are perfectly insulated, then you can also sometimes position a radiator on an inside wall.

Flexible and powerful

Even if you are planning to use panel heating, it’s worth considering steel panel radiators for rooms that are subject to significant temperature fluctuations – to stop you shivering in the hall or bathroom.

Play with colours

Select your radiator in your favourite shade of colour – to match your wall or curtains. You can use contrasting colours to create something eye-catching, while similar shades help
the radiator visually melt into the wall.

Think vertical

The bathroom in particular is subject to different rules, as it often provides very little space and sometimes no windows or outer walls. By installing slimline and tall bathroom radiators, you can keep not just the room warm, but the towels too.

Beautiful and practical

Designer radiators can be used in virtually every room. You can furnish your bathroom or kitchen radiator with useful accessories to make even better use of the heat it produces.

Local specialist

Ask a local heating specialist from your area for advice! They can quickly get to your location to provide customer service, solve problems, or answer questions.

It’s always best to ask a specialist.

Which location? What size? What colour?

During the planning process, the first thing to think about is the design and positioning of your new radiators. As they are constant and immovable parts of your furnishings, you can’t afford to compromise on the aesthetic effect they create.

But whether you’re dealing with a new build or modernising a heating system, there are many other things you also need to take into consideration.

It’s worth getting technical advice from your heating professional. They will know what is required and which technology is the best fit for your needs. Modern heating systems need to meet many requirements: they have to be energy-saving, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

To ensure you feel right at home within your own four walls over the long term, all the details need to be perfectly coordinated and precisely tailored to the tasks they’re given.