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x-change dynamic pro AW E air/water heat pump for outdoor installation

Kermi indoor climate products & solutions

We know how important warmth is for our health and well-being. With this in mind, we are constantly improving our products and systems in order to achieve even better performance values with even lower energy consumption.

Product overview

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Kermi therm-x2 Line – stylish steel panel radiator with a finely profiled front.

Steel panel radiators

Our steel panel radiators give you an advanced source of heat within your own four walls. With by far the largest range of types and sizes on the market.

Kermi Tabeo design and bathroom radiators – experience beauty and comfort in one.

Bathroom and home radiators

Give your bathroom and living areas a personal touch with our radiators. Show off your individuality in style and design your rooms with unique heating aesthetics.

Kermi valve heating panel – for discerning looks and ultimate thermal comfort.

Heating panels

Whatever your plan requires, our heating panels offer the perfect look combined with a top-tier technical solution. Everything is pared back to right angles and fine lines using a clear and consistent approach.

Kermi convectors – compact, elegant thermal comfort. Ideal in front of floor-to-ceiling window areas.


Whether curved, with one or more angles, or coupled – our convectors are extremely flexible in terms of their ability to adapt to the architectural environment. When combined with the appropriate accessories, they even become a bench or window sill.

Kermi Elveo designer and bathroom radiators – towel rail.

Electric radiators

It is not always possible to connect the radiators in the home to a central heating system. In such cases, all-electric radiators represent a viable alternative. Electric and infrared radiators are a simple choice from the start

Panel heating and surface cooling

Invisible heat source in the winter, pleasant cooling in the summer without a draught. x-net panel and underfloor heating systems are a great choice. High-performance and durable, x-net ensures a pleasant indoor climate when used as underfloor heating or wall heating.

x-change dynamic pro AW E air/water heat pump for outdoor installation

x-change heat pumps

Heating and cooling with a heat pump. The comfort and cosiness achieved when heating with a heat pump are no different from what is achieved by a conventional heating system based on oil, gas, or wood as the energy source.

x-buffer heat storage tanks

Storing heat with as little loss as possible. Not all of the energy generated by the heat pump always gets used immediately. In this case, it makes sense to store the heat generated from renewable energy sources efficiently and with the lowest possible losses.

Residential ventilation

There are many reasons in favour of controlled residential ventilation – health and well-being, value retention, and energy savings to name a few. In your own four walls, it maintains constantly high levels of air quality and optimum humidity with regular air exchange.

Kermi Credo Half round electric radiators – for all-electric operation.