x-net® C17 hook & loop system

Tool-free installation system – quick, secure, and with maximum retention strength.

x-net C17 hook-and-loop system underfloor heating – the tool-free installation system.

Underfloor heating for wet screed. Great flexibility and installation freedom make the x-net C17 hook-and-loop system an ideal solution for surface temperature control. In conjunction with optimum liquid screed properties, this tool-free and flexible pipe laying solution allows pipes to be laid really quickly and efficiently.

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+x-net C17 hook & loop system

Heating and cooling
  • One system, two functions
Tool-free installation
  • Rapid pipe anchoring
  • The x-net hook-and-loop pipe can be laid with a high retention strength without the need for any tools whatsoever
Sturdy, secure, and flexible
  • Special hook-and-loop sheet for high impact resistance and to ensure that the x-net hook-and-loop pipe has a high retention strength
  • Easy position correction of the x-net hook-and-loop pipe
  • Pipes can be anchored without gaps
  • No permeation through the insulation layer
Unbeatably fast laying of insulation
  • Large-sized hook-and-loop rolls for laying insulation quickly
  • Minimal cutting scrap because panel leftovers are so easy to use
Excellent suitability for liquid screed
  • With film overlap at the sides for efficient liquid-screed-tight panel joints acc. to DIN 18560
Certified and sustainable
  • Heating technology tested according to DIN EN 1264 and DIN CERTCO certified
  • Free from CFCs and HBCD

+x-net C17 hook & loop system

Kermi x-net C17 hook-and-loop insulation and hook-and-loop pipe.

Kermi x-net C17 hook-and-loop insulation and hook-and-loop pipe − all you need for perfect, tool-free installation.

x-net C17 hook-and-loop system – tool-free pipe anchoring.

No tools required, meaning that pipes can be anchored quickly. Easy one-person installation.

The hook-and-loop strip on the pipes grips the hook-and-loop sheet on the insulation panel for maximum retention strength.

x-net C17 hook-and-loop insulation

x-net C17 hook-and-loop roll available in various insulation thicknesses.

x-net C17 hook-and-loop roll in various insulation thicknesses with a coverage of 10 m² per roll.

x-net C17 hook-and-loop system – easy to cut using the x-net cutter knife.

Cutting with the x-net cutter knife is remarkably easy. It effortless produces clean edges without leaving any debris.

x-net C17 hook-and-loop fleece roll, particularly suitable for renovation projects.

x-net C17 hook & loop vylene roll, with a thickness of just 6 mm, is particularly suitable for refurbishing.

x-net 5-layer PE-Xc hook-and-loop pipe

x-net C17 5-layer PE-Xc hook-and-loop pipe

Remaining pipe stays in the packaging, where it is protected against dirt and damage and ready to be transported at any time. No unintended adhesion.

x-net C17 5-layer PE-Xc hook-and-loop pipe

Pipes and pipe connectors according to DIN 4726 and DIN EN ISO 15875 are tested and monitored regularly by an accredited independent testing institute.

For the purpose of establishing the manifold connections, the hook-and-loop strip at the end of the pipe can be removed with ease.


x-net unrolling unit
x-net edge insulation strip (160 mm)
x-net pipe guide aid


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