Home stations by Kermi

x-net home station with underfloor heating manifold for hygienic domestic water heating and efficient heat supply.

The Kermi x-net home stations with autonomous control provide the perfect solution for decentralised hot water generation and heat distribution in residential buildings. They ensure comfortable heating and demand-led domestic water heating on all floors, and also precisely record consumption on an apartment-by-apartment basis.

Heat exchangers only generate the hot water as required in the immediate vicinity of the consumer's taps with based on the instantaneous principle. In addition to the elimination of a central hot water storage tank and the associated distribution pipes that can both cause hygiene problems , the x-net home stations no longer require a circulation pipe (total content of the DHW pipes per apartment < 3 litres, see e.g. DVGW W-551).

In addition to these hygiene advantages, decentralised hot water preparation can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 %, as no circulation is required (no permanent heating to 60 °C required) (source Kropp et al. DKV 2020)

Normally, there is therefore no obligation to carry out a legionella test which costs money (see Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) 2023).

Benefits of x-net home stations pro

  • Modular design, the right home station for every requirement
  • Fitted with high quality components for a long service life
  • Summer bypass and differential pressure controller for balancing the stations with each other already included as standard
  • The innovative plug connection guarantees a secure connection even if there are pressure surges, and installation and maintenance are simple and tool-free.
  • High energy efficiency to minimise heating costs
  • Three-part thermal insulation shells reduce heat loss while at the same time preventing cold water being unintentionally heated.
  • One of the lightest home stations on the market for quick and easy installation.
  • Innovative new material significantly reduces heat dissipation
  • and has an extremely smooth surface which prevents deposits and blockages.
  • Already meets RoHS 2024 requirements today
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers are available in x-net home stations in performance categories 37, 45, 55, and 75 kW.
  • Copper or stainless steel brazed heat exchangers are available, depending on the drinking water analysis.

x-net home station are available both for flush-mounted installation in a concealed manifold cabinet (x-net body 1–4) or can be mounted straight onto a wall

Versions and accessories that are specially customised to suit the respective application are available for the various forms of heat generation and heat transfer

Benefit from just in time installation

Kermi's tip

It can get really expensive if components that have already been delivered, stored, or installed on construction sites are lost, stolen, or soiled – even before actually being used.
Replacement or reassembly means an additional loss of time.
Thanks to a customised modular design, Kermi provides the practical option of being able to order the components required for the respective stage of installation separately for each assembly stage (raw assembly, laying underfloor heating, final assembly).

This significantly reduces the risk of theft, damage, or soiling on the construction site.
It also eliminates the need to temporarily store components that are not yet required for the current assembly stage.

No expensive pre-financing for components that are not required until later on.

x-net home station installation video

Kermi x-net home stations ensure hygienic domestic water heating based on the instantaneous principle and provide an efficient heat supply using an integrated underfloor heating manifold and a direct heating circuit. The station can be operated with all heat sources and is also available with an integrated circulation model and insulation hood.

See for yourself here in our detailed installation video