Kermi x-buffer heat storage

x-buffer® heat storage

Generating heat is one thing, storing heat with as little loss as possible is another. Because the total amount of energy generated by the heat pump is not always completely used immediately. This is where the x-buffer buffer and domestic hot water storage come into play. Regardless of whether it is a matter of comfortable heating warmth or hygienically perfect domestic water: heat storage is an important element in a future-oriented heating system.

A buffer storage tank ensures that the heat source and the heat consumption are decoupled. This means that heat is generated regardless of when it is consumed and your heat pump does not have to start up again every time you turn up a radiator for example. 

Hot water storage tanks ensure that there is always enough hot water available, even if everyone wants a bath. Just like the buffer storage, generation and consumption are decoupled here as well.

Combined storage tanks unite buffer and hot water storage tanks in one unit. The two different types are storage are, however, strictly separated from one another. Combined storage is often the optimal solution if there is little space in the cellar, but you would still like to have an efficient and environmentally-friendly storage system.

Kermi x-buffer flex Schichtenpufferspeicher

x-buffer combi buffer and domestic hot water storage

Buffer storage and hot water storage tank in one. The x-buffer combi ensures you have pleasant warmth from your heating and plenty of hot water. It contains all important components for connecting an x-change heat pump and will impress you with its simple and clear structure. All the electrical components are completely pre-wired and the innovative and flexible line routing for makes for short line routes in tight spaces. The space-saving combined solution for heating warmth (127 l buffer storage tank) and hot water (231 l domestic water storage tank) makes the entire installation of the heat pump easier, saves space and time during assembly, and therefore reduces the overall investment costs. All maintenance is done from the front, even the 2 magnesium signal anodes with visual indicator for anode replacement can be changed quickly and easily from the front.

  • Buffer storage tank 127 litres
  • Domestic water storage tank 231 litres (204 litres useable) with an internal 3.5 m² large heat exchanger optimised for heat pumps
  • Integrated three-way changeover valve for heating / domestic water with storage charging pump
  • Integrated screw-in radiator with adjustable thermostat in both storage tanks
  • Circulation connection provided
  • Circulation pump integrated for unmixed heating circuit
  • Hydraulic and electric connections inside the system
  • Storage tank insulated and clad
  • Magnesium signal anode with visual indicator for anode replacement
Kermi x-buffer combi buffer and domestic hot water storage

x-buffer flex  layered buffer storage tank

The heat storage tank was especially designed for use with heat pumps. The two temperature levels for hot water and heating, in conjunction with the integrated inflow dampers, ensure optimum temperature stratification and ensure that the heat generated is stored efficiently. Additional connections on both sides allow flexible integration of further heat sources on site. The high quality, 130 mm thick, 2-layer insulation made of 110 mm EPS and 20 mm fleece reduces storage losses to a minimum. Due to the small tilt and door frame dimensions and the optimally matched system components, simple, fast and error-free installation is ensured. The layered buffer storage tank is impressive with its modern design as well as by allowing quick and self-explanatory, flawless installation of the hydro module.

  • Storage capacity of 620 to 1300 litres
  • Connections are available for additional heat sources, solar integration, and accessories.
  • Space-saving combination solutions for heating warmth and hot water
  • Clear design, quick and easy installation
  • All electrical components are completely wired in advance
  • Flexible cable layout on site
  • Ideal for operating with heat pumps
  • Flexible setup on wall possible on left or right
  • All pipes supplied between storage tank & hydraulic tower can be installed quickly sealing flat
  • Maintenance only from the front
Kermi x-buffer flex layered storage tank

x-buffer compact cool buffer storage

The x-buffer compact cool buffer storage can be used for heating and cooling modes with heat pumps. The buffer storage is used to hydraulically isolate the volume flows, extend the service life of the heat pump, and store heat energy. The high quality polyurethane rigid foam insulation with an external PVC coating reduces the heat losses to a minimum.

  • Four different buffer sizes
  • Low operational losses thanks to high quality all-round insulation
  • PU rigid foam insulation (storage tank enclosed with foam)
  • Building material class of insulation material B2 according to DIN 4102
  • Versatile and flexible use, with appropriate arrangement of the connections
Kermi x-buffer compact cool buffer storage

x-buffer compact / cascade buffer storage tank

The x-buffer compact / cascade buffer storage tanks store the heat energy generated and deliver it to the heating system. Thanks to modern fleece insulation, these innovative storage tanks keep heat loss to an absolute minimum. The buffer storage tanks are versatile and flexible in use and have many connection options. The x-buffer cascade has been designed especially for the application of heat pump cascades and has 2" nozzles for connecting the heat pumps to the heating system.

  • x-buffer compact: fleece insulation with a polystyrene jacket, insulation thickness 100 mm incl. insulating plugs for the connections
  • x-buffer cascade: fleece insulation with polystyrene jacket, insulation thickness 100 mm
  • Building material class B2 according to DIN 4102
  • Versatile and flexible use, with appropriate arrangement of the connections


Kermi x-buffer compact buffer storage

x-buffer fresh domestic hot water storage

The x-buffer fresh hot water storage tank is a high-performance storage tank for domestic water heating in conjunction with a heat pump. With its high quality PU-thermal insulation, the x-buffer fresh is in energy efficiency class B. The x-buffer fresh is available in two sizes.

  • Available in two sizes
  • 50 mm PU rigid-foam insulation with PVC cladding
  • Storage with glass enamelling according to DIN 4753
  • Integrated magnesium sacrificial anode
  • Flange opening
  • Heat exchanger for heat pump applications


Kermi x-buffer fresh hot water storage

Video instructions

The special layering process guarantees optimal layering of layers of water at different temperatures in the Kermi x-buffer layered buffer storage tank.

Mixing volumes of cold and warm water is virtually impossible with this process which has a patent pending. The water which slowly flows into the storage tank can rise or sink, depending on the temperature. Together with high quality all-round insulation, this significantly minimises energy losses.

The innovative housing design of the x-buffer layered buffer storage tank makes the storage unit a space-saving alternative.

The system does not take up any more room than a conventional heating tank. Thanks to a special floor construction, the tilt dimension (diagonal) is scarcely any greater that the setup dimensions. This means that from the outside as well, the x-buffer layered buffer storage is also different from conventional storage models and is highly suitable for rooms with low ceilings in existing buildings. With the intelligent arrangement of the connections, the x-buffer also fits through narrow doors.

5 year system warranty

Finally the new Kermi heating system has been installed. Or the Kermi ventilation system. Nothing left to stop you feeling cosy at home. With our 5-year system warranty, we are happy to prove the quality of our products and our service promise to you.

Just three steps to a 5 year system warranty:

1. Have the Kermi system installed by a specialist company
2. Have Kermi Customer Service commission the system (or in the case of ventilation systems, a specialist company)
3. Annual servicing by Kermi Customer Service or by a specialist company

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