Credo® plus Clear structure, elegant shape.

The slender-looking heating pipes of the Credo plus are encased by flat manifold pipes. This means that the bathroom not only radiates warmth with its clear design, but is also relaxing. Formal integration of the thermostatic sensor head positioned in the centre, as an option on the left or right, is another design element where aesthetics and operating convenience supplement each other optimally. The lower frame panel also covers the connection completely and its easy-installation fixing is not visible from the front. Credo plus is available in numerous sizes and shades of colour. Anyone who wants to enjoy pleasant warmth independently of the central heating has the option of additional electric operation or all-electric operation.



Universal Design Winner Consumer 2017
Kermi Credo plus Badheizkörper

Snug: The wide spacing of the transverse pipes is ideal for heating towels or clothing.

At hand: the perfectly integrated thermostatic sensor head is user-friendly as attached at the right height in the centre of the radiator.


Credo plus

Valve radiator for hot water operation.

  • Thermostatic sensor head available on the side at user-friendly height optionally on the left or right
  • Anti-corrosion coating available
    Anti-corrosion coating

Credo plus-E

All-electric operation for year-round warmth independent of central heating. The following electric sets are available to choose from:

  • Electrical set WKS
  • Electrical set WFS
  • Electrical set WRX

Credo plus also available in additional electric operation.

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Chrome-plated towel hook for Kermi Credo-Duo design and bathroom radiator
Towel hook chromed.
Closed chrome-plated towel rail for Kermi Credo-Duo design and bathroom radiator
 Towel rail closed, chromed.
Chrome-plated towel rail, open at sides, for Kermi Credo-Duo design and bathroom radiator
 Towel rail open at the side, chromed.

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