Kermi colour concept
Kermi colour concepts bring your home to life

Standard colour

white, RAL 9016

Kermi colour concept white RAL 9016

Sanitary colours

pure white, RAL 9010

Kermi colour concept pure white RAL 9010

Bahama beige

Kermi Farbkonzept bahamabeige


Kermi colour concept manhattan



Kermi Farbkonzept ägäis


Kermi colour concept black


Paint finish available in every RAL CLASSIC colour

RAL Classic

Special edition

Edition Soft

The Classics among sanitary colours with a classy matt stainless steel surface.

white, RAL 9016 Soft

Kermi colour concept white RAL 9016 soft

Aegean Soft

Kermi Farbkonzept ägäis Soft

black Soft

Kermi colour concept black soft

pure white, RAL 9010 Soft

Kermi colour concept pure white RAL 9010

Bahama beige Soft

Kermi Farbkonzept bahamabeige Soft

manhattan Soft

Kermi colour concept manhattan soft

pergamon Soft

Kermi colour concept pergamon soft

Edition Nature

The glorious hues of nature. Fresh and expressive.

citrus Nature

Kermi colour concept citrus nature

purple Nature

Kermi colour concept purple nature

olive Nature

Kermi colour concept olive nature

crocus Nature

Kermi colour concept crocus nature

corn Nature

Kermi colour concept corn nature

lavender Nature

Kermi colour concept lavender nature

Edition Ethno

In greater demand than ever: The warm, bold tones of exotic cultures.

Solaris Ethno

Kermi colour concept solaris ethno

terra Ethno

Kermi colour concept terra ethno

Inca Ethno

Kermi colour concept inca ethno

Carmina Ethno

Kermi colour concept carmina ethno

Edition Metallic

The glamorous retro styling of the '50s. Classically interpreted in shining metallic tones.

graphite Metallic

Kermi colour concept graphite metallic

circonsilver Metallic

Kermi colour concept circonsilver metallic

gloss silver Metallic

Kermi colour concept gloss silver metallic

matt bronze Metallic

Kermi colour concept matt bronze metallic

Helios gold metallic

Kermi colour concept heliosgold metallic

classic copper Metallic

Kermi colour concept classic copper metallic

Edition Strukturmetallic

Only at x-therm +e, Fineo, Fineo Plan, Decor-Arte Plan, Decor-Arte Line, Decor-Arte Pure and Mabeo Aero.

strukturweiß, S600

Kermi Farbkonzept strukturweiß, S600

braun metallic, M304

Kermi Farbkonzept braun metallic, M304

aluminium metallic, M306

Kermi Farbkonzept aluminium metallic, M306

anthrazit metallic, M301

Kermi Farbkonzept anthrazit metallic, M301

Due to the constraints of screen technology, it is not possible to reproduce the original colours. Your qualified heating and sanitary specialist will be delighted to show you the original samples and also tell you which colours are possible for which radiator version.

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