x-net installation videos

Kermi x-net C15 thin layer knob element – fixed in position by the self-adhesive backing.

x-net installation videos

In our Kermi How-To videos, we clearly and simply explain the processes involved in installing, commissioning, and operating our products professionally. The videos are a practical addition to our standard-format installation instructions and, in a matter of minutes, show the most important steps involved as well as helpful hints for trouble-free installation.

x-net safety cutter

Kermi x-net safety cutter for films and insulation-free installation systems. The special knife with a covered blade makes it possible to safely open stretch film packaging and boxes without damaging the contents.

Also suitable for insulation-free x-net installation systems made of PE foam or panels up to 3 mm thick.

x-net ready line EGO – installation and operation

x-net ready line EGO is a fully wired electric connection unit with automatic hydraulic balancing for installation on the distribution set of Kermi x-net home stations.

The Kermi flex terminal strip contains rotary switches for flexibly assigning drives to room temperature regulators.

The drives are wired in the terminal strip in accordance with VDE requirements, coded so that they cannot be mixed up, and secured with strain relief. The LED function display of the terminal strip and the function and control display of the drives make it possible to quickly and safely check that they are working properly.

With its intelligent, autonomous EGO electrothermal variable speed drive, the x-net ready line EGO also enables demand-driven, adaptive hydraulic balancing of the heating circuits in x-net panel heating systems.

Both connection units can be operated with any room temperature regulator from the range of x-net control standard products.

x-net home station installation video

The x-net home station ensures hygienic domestic water heating based on the continuous flow principle along with efficient heat supply thanks to an integrated underfloor heating manifold and direct heating circuit. 

The new and innovative plug connection technology in combination with the high degree of pre-assembly of the whole station – including the underfloor heating manifold – reduce installation times by up to 15 minutes. Thanks to the modular design, the separate components are promptly assembled and installed as the building project progresses. Soiling or loss of the individual components are minimised as a result. Perfectly matched components also reduce installation costs and avoid unnecessary energy losses.

x-net C17 hook-and-loop panel installation video

Tried-and-tested x-net hollow chamber panel technology with tool-free pipe anchoring.

As a folding panel, the x-net C17 hook-and-loop panel is the ideal addition to our range of x-net insulation-free panel heating and surface cooling systems for wet screed.

In conjunction with optimum liquid screed properties, this tool-free and flexible pipe laying solution allows pipes to be laid really quickly and efficiently.

x-net connect installation video

x-net connect efficiently reduces unwanted heat dissipation from the feed pipes while at the same time allowing a full, independent heating circuit to be laid across the entire surface. This makes it possible to establish the single room control stipulated according to the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) for rooms with more than 6 m² of floor space, also covering the room in which the underfloor heating manifold is set up in and the connecting room.

With x-net connect, the feed pipes passing through are not embedded in the screed. The new connection system takes them from the manifold into an insulation layer under the screed, only letting them emerge in the screed layer where they need to give off heat. This means that x-net connect maintains impact sound protection while selectively transporting the heat under the screed in the hall. The optional x-net connect heating circuit is established using hook-and-loop pipes.

x-net unrolling unit

The x-net unrolling unit allows twist-free unrolling of x-net system pipes from the packaging and is suitable for all pipe dimensions with an external diameter of 10 to 20 mm.