x-change® dynamic water WW I

The modulating x-change dynamic water (water/water) heat pump extracts thermal energy from the groundwater using an extraction and absorption well.

The thermal energy is transferred to the heat pump via an intermediate heat exchanger (groundwater station). This is then converted by the heat pump so that it can be used for heating. State-of-the-art heat pump technology ensures highly efficient operation. The scroll compressor, heat source pump, and external charge pump are speed-controlled. This allows the heat pump to adapt to the current level of heat demand. The compressor features vibration decoupling and so produces very low sound emissions. Together with the additional sound-proofing mats on the continuous housing cover, this ensures virtually silent operation.

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System benefits

The x-change dynamic water WW I (water/water) heat pump extracts thermal energy from the groundwater using an extraction and absorption well.
  • Heat pump energy efficiency class A+++

  • Low operating costs thanks to a high COP value

  • Maximum flow temperature of up to 63 °C

  • Quiet operation thanks to the optimised design

  • Included: integrated x-center x40 controller with intuitive touch control and colour graphics display, weather-controlled operation

  • Remote servicing via x-center x40 (without accessories)

  • Water/water heat pump has a large application range

  • Modulation of the compressor, and primary and secondary circuit pumps

  • Power to Heat: intelligent use of excess PV electricity

  • Integrated electronic heat quantity recording including COP determination

  • Web-based remote control of the heat pump

  • Optionally available with passive cooling function  “pc”

For team players

The perfect addition

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The x-change heat pump


Sound level and sound insulation

With their exceptionally effective sound attenuation and vibration damping, our heat pumps are hardly any louder than a ticking alarm clock.

Own consumption

Reduce your electricity costs by combining a solar system and electrical energy storage unit with an x-change heat pump.

Heat pump & cooling

Provided that the necessary technical requirements are met, heat pumps can also be used to cool living spaces, regardless of whether they take the form of an air-to-water, brine-to-water, or water-to-water heat pump.

Combine a heat pump with solar panels

It makes perfect sense to combine a heat pump with a solar panel system: Heat pumps need conventional electricity to operate – a solar panel system generates electricity from solar energy. And our x-change dynamic heat pumps have an integrated solar panel interface as standard.

Which heat pump should you choose?

Heat pumps can be used in large or small properties, detached houses, and blocks of flats – but deciding which one is right for your own construction or modernisation project primarily depends on the conditions in and around the building. There are a few basic details and criteria that can help you with the selection process.

Heat pump subsidies

New subsidy rates for heat pumps as of 2021! The most important information you need to know about the new subsidy programme.

Annual COP calculator

Here you can calculate the annual COP of Kermi heat pumps according to VDI 4650.
The annual COP is the basis on which subsidies are awarded under the various market incentive programmes.

What you need to know

Want to know more about x-change heat pumps?

Technical data

The x-change dynamic water WW I (water/water) heat pump extracts thermal energy from the groundwater using an extraction and absorption well.
Energy source Water
Installation site Inside
Function Heating / optional passive cooling
Heat output range (kW) 6–22 (at W10/W35)
COP (tested in compliance with EN 14511:2011) Up to 5.45 ** (W10/W35)
Cooling output range (kW) Dependent on source temperature
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 580 x 640 x 1600
SG ready Yes

Energy efficiency class at 35 °C




Technical information


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