x-center control

The x-center controller controls the individual components of the Kermi x-optimised system, ensuring that all the processes run smoothly. It guarantees efficient and resource-saving operation of the heating system, and makes sure that the heat gets to where it needs to go.

The clear display makes the x-center controller exceptionally user-friendly. The Kermi x-optimised system is extremely transparent and easy to use, with handling that’s consciously designed with simplicity in mind plus an intuitive screen design and an operator-friendly user interface with instructive menu guidance.

A brief introduction is all you need to start controlling all the components in your Kermi heating system as effectively as possible.

x-center pro

The controller with a high-resolution capacitive 7” touch colour display, for controlling an x-change dynamic pro heat pump.


  • High-quality powder-coated casing to match the heat pump

  • High-resolution capacitive 7” touch colour display with straightforward, intuitive menu navigation

  • Self-explanatory icons and innovative overview screens

  • Wide range of applications without the need for additional accessories (remote maintenance, SG-Ready interface, S0 meter, Power to Heat, integration of other Modbus devices)

  • Quick and easy installation thanks to a straightforward construction and integrated contactor for 2 screw-in radiators

  • LED strip for displaying the status of the heat pump system quickly and simply

  • Connection of up to 2 mixed heating circuits

  • Remote maintenance/remote operation via the web portal and Kermi x-center app

x-center x40 controller

The digital heat pump controller with a touch display for modulating x-change dynamic heat pumps.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use menu navigation with self-explanatory, large icons

  • Large 7” colour display with touch control

  • Remote servicing without accessories only available with x-center x40

  • Web-based remote control of the heat pump via PC, tablet, and smartphone

  • Intelligent load management via SmartGrid function

  • Control of up to two mixed heating circuits and one unmixed heating circuit as well as a second heat generator

  • Power to Heat : intelligent use of excess PV electricity

  • Integrated electronic heat quantity recording incl. COP determination

  • Timer programmes: clear graphic representation of the settings as well as individual implementation of different requirements

Main menu


Setting time programmes


Remote servicing for x-center x40 controller

Register for remote servicing and take advantage of additional functions. Whether you’re a private individual or a specialist partner, this option comes with a whole host of benefits.

x-center control – super easy operation.

To access the remote servicing user interface of the x-center x40 controller, the x40 controller

  • must be connected to the mains power supply and

  • must be connected to the internet.

You can then register at www.x-center.systems.

To register, you will need

  • your personal data and

  • the serial number of the display (you will find the serial number at the bottom right of the start screen).

You can control and regulate all the settings on the x-center x40 controller when you are out and about as well –

and you don’t need to be at home if servicing or troubleshooting needs to be carried out.

This eliminates complicated appointments, saves time, and cuts down on unnecessary journeys and costs.

Remote service benefits

For private individuals

  • You don’t need to be at home to check your heat pump – you can do it any time from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Solve problems quickly by getting online help from your specialist partner or Kermi Service if you need it. 

  • In the case of simple malfunctions or updates, there’s no need for a specialist partner to travel to your premises.

  • Software updates always ensure your x40 control system is up to date.

For specialist partners

  • With remote servicing, you can operate the unit as if you were on location.

  • The fault analysis facility allows you to read faults via remote servicing.

  • You can clarify any faults you have identified with Kermi customer service and get important additional information in the process.

  • If a component needs to be replaced, you can see in advance via remote servicing what has to be swapped out or ordered.

  • Alarm messages can be sent to a stored e-mail address so that you are notified immediately if any problems arise, allowing you to react quickly.

  • If a malfunction occurs on public holidays or in winter, emergency operation can be activated remotely.