The new anti-corrosion coating

For radiators that are exposed to increased humidity due to the selected area of application.

Our radiators are suitable for use in hot water heating systems up to a maximum operating temperature of 110 °C as standard.

However, some areas place special demands on the radiator surface.


for example, in the spray zone around toilets and urinals, in private bathrooms directly above or next to the bathtub, directly adjacent to walk-in shower enclosures, or in washrooms and changing rooms in companies or public buildings.

The anti-corrosion coating

Apart from protection against corrosion, there are also special requirements for the appearance and feel of the coating in the spray zone around showers and toilets, next to urinals in both private and public areas, and in many private and commercial buildings.

If radiators require greater protection against splash water and/or humidity due to their location, then a coating in accordance with DIN 55 900 is inadequate. The new Kermi anti-corrosion coating offers a cost-effective alternative in this case, providing optimal protection against corrosion alongside a high-quality appearance and feel. The special coating is applied directly to the radiator and is then finished with a high-quality powder coating.

Kermi anti-corrosion coating – better in every way:

  • The highly resistant coating invisibly protects the radiator from corrosion
  • It can then be painted in any colour, with the quality standards Kermi is known for
  • Available across the entire Kermi range: steel panel radiators, designer radiators, heating panels, and convectors

HD galvanizing (textured paint RAL 9016)

Resistant corrosion protection for high requirements in areas with a damp and/or aggressive atmosphere (e.g. industrial plants, swimming pools, etc.). Also for rooms that are regularly wet-cleaned using high-pressure cleaners. Hot-dip galvanizing provides the best possible corrosion protection.

HD galvanizing (textured paint RAL 9016):

  • Available for: therm-x2 profile K panel radiators and therm-x2 profile V panel radiators, heating panels, convectors.
Kermi therm-x2 Profil-K Kompaktheizkörper - Ein Flachheizkörper mit hoher Heizleistung.