therm-x2 for the housing sector

Innovative & energy-saving

The therm-x2 radiator is setting new standards with its innovative, patented x2 technology. With serial flow through the radiator panels, in comparison to conventional radiators, it saves up to 11 % more energy, generates up to 100 % more comfortable radiant heat and its heating period is up to 25 % faster.

A comprehensive range. Short delivery times.

  • x2 technology – the patented x2 principle of serial flow in ALL Kermi steel panel radiators.
  • All sizes: short or long, low or high, flat or deep
  • All types: 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 22, 30, 33
  • All front versions: Profil, Plan, Line
  • All connection versions: compact version, valve version, centre connection
  • Durable protection thanks to hot-dip galvanisation or anti-corrosion coating
  • Hygienic version: the clean solution for special requirements
  • Renovation solutions: quick, clean radiator replacement thanks to DIN connection dimensions
  •  Radiators available at short notice thanks to a comprehensive wholesale network
  • Fixing according to VDI 6036

Apportionable to rent costs

Modernisation measures involving therm-x2 can be apportioned to rent costs in accordance with Section 559 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

You can read up on the statutory conditions here:

German Civil Code (BGB) Section 559: Rent increase after modernisation measures


Fewer complaints stemming from cold radiators can save a lot of hassle and cost.

Sample calculation:
30 min craftsman's work (60 € / hr.) + travel to and from the site
-> €30 + €30 = €60 per complaint
Complaint in approx. 3 % of the housing stock
For example, 30000 dwellings x 3 % = 900 complaints per year
-> 900 x €60 = €54000 savings per year