Glass breakage


Glass breakage within one year

Applies to the following series/models

All models except fully framed panes e.g., I2ED3

This is to inform you that any damage to the surface, edges, and corners of the glass is accompanied by a significant reduction in strength (local reduction in the set compressive stress layer thickness), which can then lead to breakage even under slight stress, e.g., also due to slight warping of the frame structure during installation or due to temperature fluctuations.

Under load, notch effects occur at these already weakened points, causing a very high tensile stress to develop at the notch points, which can quickly exceed the cohesive forces of the glass material, resulting in the pane breaking. When this happens, the glass disintegrates into many small fragments. Consequently, the risk of personal injury is minimized and serious injury is ruled out.

For each pane, this process is different, i.e., it varies from abrupt to slow, and there may also be a time delay between damage and fracture. It depends on the strength of the pretension, on the thickness and shape of the glass pane, and on the type and position of the damage.

Breakage of single-panel safety glass is always preceded by damage to the surface, edge, or corner. This can occur at the glass manufacturer, during transport, processing, installation, or at the premises of the customer.

Kermi GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001, which prevents the delivery of damaged panes.

In our installation instructions, we draw special attention to checking the glass edges of unframed glass for damage before installation and to avoid damaging them during installation and use.

We will not assume any consequential damages or costs.

Kermi ESG Safety glass