Solutions for bathtubs

Kermi profile shower enclosure PEGA hinged door for the bathtub

Those who shower in the bathtub know that you always have to make sure no splash water escapes. A bath screen from Kermi finally offers you freedom to move about as you like! Like a complete shower enclosure, but just as a screen over your bathtub. And what makes it even better is that you can select your favorites from many designs and benefit from the practical functions which we have developed as an experienced shower specialist. Striking frame design or puristic hinges? Completely continuous bath screen along the entire length of the bath or a partial element? However you wish!

Kermi profile shower enclosure PEGA hinged door for the bathtub


  • Individual splash guard in many versions.
  • Stylish hinges and/or elegant profile design.
  • Brilliant hinged panel solutions with or without fixed panel, practical sliding door versions or space-saving folding screens.
  • High-quality anodized aluminum profiles .
  • High-quality metal hinges.
  • Suitable for almost any standard bathtub.
  • Available as standard version or made-to-measure solution depending on the model.

Discover bathtub solutions from Kermi


Bathtub solutions

Kermi bath screen, MENA WALK-IN Wall with profile with fixed panel at an angle
Kermi profile shower enclosure, NICA two-part sliding door with fixed panel with wall profile for the bathtub


Bathtub solutions

Kermi profile shower enclosure, DIGA two-panel folding screen for bathtub


Bathtub solutions

Kermi profile shower enclosure, PEGA hinged door with fixed panel for the bathtub


Bathtub solutions

Kermi hinged shower enclosure, PASA hinged door with fixed panel for the bathtub


Bathtub solutions

Kermi profile shower enclosure, LIGA two-panel folding screen on bathtub


Bathtub solutions

KermiExtra shower enclosure WALK-IN XB with mirror glass Black soft in Loft design



Correct cleaning is important.

To keep your shower enclosure shining for a long time, regular cleaning after use is recommended. After showering, you should first rinse the inner surfaces clean with warm water, then with cold water, and afterwards dry them. Profiles and glass panels may only be cleaned with mild, commercially available cleaning and care agents, e.g., with diluted vinegar water (mixing ratio 1:1). Abrasive cleaners, alcohol or nitro thinner, etc. must not be used under any circumstances.

Not sure which cleaning products are suitable for your Kermi shower enclosure?

We recommend the PremiumCLEAN cleaning agent from Kermi, which has been specially developed to gently clean our high-quality shower enclosures.


Minimal maintenance for optimal function.

We recommend that you lubricate the guide rails, castors, and hinges once a year, e.g. with Vaseline or silicone spray, and re-tighten the screws of the castors, metal hinges, and rising hinge mechanism in order to ensure smooth functioning for many years.

CLEAN easy-clean coating

The “Teflon effect” for your shower enclosure.

The Kermi easy-clean coating KermiCLEAN for real glass is the perfect option if you want to spend less time cleaning. The special surface coating prevents stubborn build-up of dried water drops, soap residue, and traces of dirt and limescale. This also prevents germs and bacteria which in turn improves hygiene.

For cleaning we recommend soft, non-abrasive cloths and commercially available, non abrasive cleaning agents.