Kermi hinged shower enclosure, FILIA single panel hinged door and side wall

Looking for high-quality materials for your bathroom, a timeless and beautiful appearance, and long-lasting functionality, but also clear price expectations? FILIA gets top marks in all these areas. Hinges and bow-shaped handles made of top-quality metal create spectacular highlights and also ensure maximum comfort. The two-part hinged doors can be opened inwards and outwards, for complete ease of entry and optimum ventilation. The rising hinge mechanism provides a completely smooth door guide. Fulfill your dream of a made-to-measure shower enclosure at an affordable price!

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Kermi hinged shower enclosure, FILIA single panel hinged door


  • Straightforward, functional design, tactile and visually appealing handles and hinges made of high-quality chromed metal.
  • High-quality, 6/8 mm thick single panel safety glass in accordance with EN 12150.
  • Comprehensive, technically refined off-floor range of models with convenient two-part hinged doors that open inwards and outwards by 90° respectively.
  • Individually made-to-measure.
  • Height up to 2000 mm, quadrant shower enclosure height 2000 mm.
  • Widths for all popular shower layouts.
  • WALK-IN models height up to 2000 mm.
  • Special solutions via KermiEXTRA.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Tested in accordance with DIN EN 14428 (CE) and PPP 53005 (TÜV/GS).
  • A 20 year after-sales guarantee for spare parts after the model has been discontinued.

Impressions and inspiration

Kermi hinged shower enclosure, FILIA WALK-IN Wall with 90° stabilizer
FILIA WALK-IN Wall with 90° stabilizer
Kermi hinged shower enclosure, FILIA WALK-IN Wall with 45° stabilizer
FILIA WALK-IN Wall with45° stabilizer
Kermi hinged shower enclosure, FILIA single panel hinged door and fixed panel
FILIA single panel hinged door and fixed panel, Black Soft
Kermi shower enclosure, FILIA single panel hinged door, Black
FILIA single panel hinged door, Black Soft


Kermi shower enclosure, PASA XP towel rail
Towel rail 340 mm
Kermi shower enclosure, PASA towel rail
Towel rail 660 mm


Kermi shower enclosure, FILIA XP hinge

Perfect door guide

Kermi shower enclosure, FILIA XP wall hinge

Reliable stability

Kermi shower enclosure, FILIA XP wall profile

Wall profile can be rotated

Kermi shower enclosure DIGA for convenient cleaning

Freely accessible corners

Kermi LIGA practical towel hook

Practical towel hook

Kermi hinged shower enclosure, FILIA two-part corner entry (two-part hinged doors with fixed panels) – half part

Highly transparent glass

Kermi shower enclosure, FILIA wall profile

Slimline wall profile that can be tiled

Kermi profile shower enclosure DIGA sealing strip

Special water-repellent effect

Kermi profile shower enclosure, DIGA with/without floor sill

Additional seal included

KermiExtra shower enclosure WALK-IN XB with mirror glass Black soft in Loft design



Correct cleaning is important.

To keep your shower enclosure shining for a long time, regular cleaning after use is recommended. After showering, you should first rinse the inner surfaces clean with warm water, then with cold water, and afterwards dry them. Profiles and glass panels may only be cleaned with mild, commercially available cleaning and care agents, e.g., with diluted vinegar water (mixing ratio 1:1). Abrasive cleaners, alcohol or nitro thinner, etc. must not be used under any circumstances.

Not sure which cleaning products are suitable for your Kermi shower enclosure?

We recommend the PremiumCLEAN cleaning agent from Kermi, which has been specially developed to gently clean our high-quality shower enclosures.


Minimal maintenance for optimal function.

We recommend that you lubricate the guide rails, castors, and hinges once a year, e.g. with Vaseline or silicone spray, and re-tighten the screws of the castors, metal hinges, and rising hinge mechanism in order to ensure smooth functioning for many years.

CLEAN easy-clean coating

The “Teflon effect” for your shower enclosure.

The Kermi easy-clean coating KermiCLEAN for real glass is the perfect option if you want to spend less time cleaning. The special surface coating prevents stubborn build-up of dried water drops, soap residue, and traces of dirt and limescale. This also prevents germs and bacteria which in turn improves hygiene.

For cleaning we recommend soft, non-abrasive cloths and commercially available, non abrasive cleaning agents.


Depending on series model

Kermi shower enclosure, wall hinge surface chrome

Glass options

Available with KermiCLEAN easy-clean coating as an option

Kermi shower enclosures, ESG clear glass
ESG Klar
Kermi shower enclosures, ESG SR Opaco glass
ESG SR Opaco
Kermi shower enclosures, ESG gray glass
ESG Grau


Kermi shower enclosure WALK-IN XB Free


Make your bathroom unique! Would you like to make your bathroom as individual as you are? Kermi will help you.

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