The shower enclosure is located directly adjacent to the bathtub – a layout that is found in many bathrooms. Kermi shows below a perfect solution for this situation.

Kermi profile shower enclosure LIGA single-panel and shortened side wall on bathtub

LIGA single-panel hinged door with shortened side panel on bathtub | High-Gloss Silver finish.

Kermi profile shower enclosure, bathroom inspiration LIGA and ELVEO

Perfect harmony – with the Kermi bathroom and design radiator ELVEO.

Small bathrooms are common, and due to space constraints, the shower enclosure is often positioned directly adjacent to the bathtub. This means that you do not have to do without either one or the other. Kermi shows how this “standard bathroom layout” can be designed in a visually attractive way. In this specific example, a two-part hinged door version from the LIGA range was used which, thanks to proven Kermi technology, can be conveniently opened outwards and inwards, offering easy access and a generous amount of space. This was combined with a fixed shortened side wall, which has a height exactly matched to the side of the bathtub. A neat and stylish solution that makes optimal use of space. The design radiator ELVEO goes perfectly with it.