Sandblasted glass options

Style your dream shower with one of our graphic decors.

Kermi shower enclosure RAYA single-panel hinged door

Every shower enclosure is unique.

With KermiEXTRA.

Why should you only express your individuality through your clothes and hair style? With the KermiEXTRA special product range, even your shower enclosure, your Walk-In, and bathtub screen can have your very own personal touch. Colorful surfaces, sandblasted decorative glass, integrated mirror surfaces, and all conceivable combinations of profiles, hinges, and handles are possible, as are special installation solutions that are well-suited to your spatial requirements. Only your imagination can define the limits. We will find a way to achieve your very own dream shower.

Sandblasted glass options

The sturdy single-panel safety glass of your Kermi shower enclosure is perfect for large-scale designs. From natural designs with an organic feel to graphic, geometric patterns. We offer a selection of 20 sandblasted graphic decors. Do you have a personal favorite decor? We can provide it if it’s technically feasible.

Kermi PEGA single-panel hinged door and side wall with Stripe 4 decor


The centered decors are prepared with a decor height of 1.20 m in the factory.

Kermi Stripe 1 decor
Decor Stripe 1
Kermi Stripe 2 decor
Decor Stripe 2
Kermi Stripe 3 decor
Decor Stripe 3
Kermi Stripe 4 decor
Decor Stripe 4
Kermi Line 1.1 decor
Decor Line 1.1
Kermi Line 1.2 decor
Decor Line 1.2
Kermi Line 2.1 decor
Decor Line 2.1
Kermi Line 2.2 decor
Decor Line 2.2
Kermi V-Line decor
Decor V-Line
Kermi H-Line decor
Decor H-Line
Kermi individual decor
Customized decor
Kermi Carpet 1 decor
Decor Carpet 1
Kermi Carpet 2 decor
Decor Carpet 2
Kermi Zebra 1 decor
Decor Zebra 1
Kermi Zebra 2 decor
Decor Zebra 2
Kermi Nature 1 decor
Decor Nature 1
Kermi Nature 2 decor
Decor Nature 2
Kermi Stone 1 decor
Decor Stone 1
Kermi Stone 2 decor
Decor Stone 2
Kermi Fresh 1 decor
Decor Fresh 1
Kermi Fresh 2 decor
Decor Fresh 2
Kermi Light 1 decor
Decor Light 1
Kermi Light 2 decor
Decor Light 2