Shower enclosure installation videos

Kermi shower design provides continuous, around-the-clock, 24/7 installation support. How does it work? With an extensive offering of installation videos, continuously expanded to include new series and designs.

The following models are suitable for a wide array of applications ranging from new construction to renovation. Suitable for installation on a shower tray and tiled wet floor system.

The videos are a practical addition to the classic  installation instructions (link Oxomi) and in a few minutes, show the most important steps as well as helpful tips for trouble-free installation.

MENA with wall hinge

The elegant fittings shower enclosure MENA is available completely made to measure with wall hinge up to a height of 2200 mm. Without any frame at all, the high-quality metal hinges are shown to their best effect. All doors have inward and outward opening two-part hinged door comfort with rising hinge mechanism.

MENA with wall profile

For those wanting a little more frame, there is MENA also available as a partly framed version with wall profile in all current series models with a series height of 2000 m. The characteristic metal hinge not only looks very chic, but also provides a completely reliable lifting-lowering and swing function.

NICA with wall profile

The award-winning sliding door NICA is available in various versions with space-saving simplicity. As a series model with a wall profile, the space-saving sliding door NICA looks virtually transparent with its minimalist linear design. The integrated soft-open and soft-close function ensures smooth and comfortable opening and closing of the doors.

NICA without wall profile

All models in the series NICAThe walk-in and bathtub solutions are also available made to measure without a wall profile. Minimalist in appearance and discreetly held at the top by elegant chrome-plated wall fixings. And they all have one thing in common: The unparalleled sliding door comfort provided by the standard soft-open and soft-close mechanism.


The slim line shower enclosure series RAYA is mostly pre-assembled at the factory and is highly adaptable to individual room situations thanks to an intelligent adjustment and size system.

LIGA hinged folding door U-shaped shower enclosure

The LIGA hinged folding door is also available as a U-shaped shower enclosure. Thanks to both the hinged folding panels, which can be swiveled 90°, the entire shower enclosure can be folded. This is a great alternative for small bathrooms, allowing efficient use of space.

LIGA hinged folding door corner

The shower enclosure series LIGA is particularly versatile. The hinged folding door option ensures comfortable and easy access. Depending on your specific requirements, the hinged folding doors can be folded inwards or outwards against the wall to save space.

LIGA two-part hinged door

The shower enclosure series LIGA is considered to be Kermi’s all-rounder. The LIGA two-part hinged door with reliable rising hinge mechanism in the profile hinge can be opened both outwards and inwards. And also offers the option of a fixed panel arrangement.

LIGA hinged door

The LIGA The hinged door has a lightweight, transport-friendly design thanks to five millimeters of highly transparent single-panel safety glass, and factory-preassembled hinges ensure quick and easy installation. As a series model with a slim wall profile or made to measure with wall hinges, the LIGA hinged door is suitable for any room and installation situation.

LIGA sliding doors off-floor

The practical LIGA sliding doors are particularly well suited for small bathroom floor layouts, as no swing area is required for the doors. The doors move easily without making a sound thanks to high-quality castors mounted on ball bearings. Available in numerous dimensions with a series height of 1850 mm or 2000 mm and highly customizable due to an adjustment range of 25 mm per wall profile.

LIGA sliding doors with floor profile

The 2 and 3-part LIGA Sliding doors with modern, linear profile design stand tall with a series height of 2 m and a water-repellent 42 mm floor profile. The door panels can be easily swung inwards.

IBIZA 2000 two-part hinged door

The stylish shower enclosure IBIZA 2000 is the perfect entry-level solution that won’t cost the earth. The two-part hinged door has a rising hinge mechanism in all hinged door hinges and can be conveniently opened inwards and outwards. The series also offers a host of smart solutions to common challenges, such as the patented movable side walls and a hinged door with an offset pivot point.

IBIZA 2000 sliding door

The shower enclosures IBIZA 2000 has a wide variety of versions and fittings. The off-floor sliding doors are practical for small bathroom layouts, and can be installed either with or without a small floor sill. The combination of folding and sliding door is a winner offering optimum access freedom.

VARIO 2000

With the bath screen VARIO 2000 transforms a bathtub into a shower enclosure and vice versa in the blink of an eye. The 1, 2, or 3 panel folding screens provide a practical splash guard and can be easily folded away when not in use. They will fit on almost any standard bathtub, and custom orders can also be made without any problems.