Partial renovation or complete renovation – Kermi always has a solution ready.

Kermi profile shower enclosure DIGA hinged folding door

Kermi is a specialist when it comes to renovation and creating fully accessible shower solutions. Kermi provides support with unique products and decades of experience in this field. With the Kermi wet floor system installed at floor level and a matching Kermi shower enclosure, a fully accessible shower area can be created without too much effort and in just a few installation steps. Whether it’s a partial renovation or a complete renovation, no matter how tricky the bathroom layout is, Kermi always has a ready solution. For example, extra-flat complete shower boards and space-saving hinged folding solutions that allow shower solutions for all generations to be implemented even in small spaces.

Partial renovation

Kermi illustrates the partial renovation process of a narrow bathroom, which in a few steps becomes a bathroom for all stages of life. Here, a floor-level walk-in Kermi wet floor system is installed in place of the existing bathtub. A spacious shower solution is created by combining it with the Kermi LIGA hinged folding U-shaped door which is also suitable for care at home.


Kermi bathroom renovation
Initial situation: not suitable as a care bathroom, as not barrier-free.
Kermi bathroom renovation
Demolition of the bathtub.
Kermi bathroom renovation
Installation Kermi wet floor system (flush with the floor).
Kermi result bathroom renovation therapeutic bathroom
Result: care bathroom (barrier-free) with Kermi hinged folding shower enclosure.

Total renovation

With this example, Kermi shows you how to turn an outdated bathroom into a stylish, feel-good bathroom with a comfortable shower solution. The shower with the high shower base had to go, the new centerpiece of the bathroom is the U-shaped shower enclosure PEGA. Similar to the old bathroom, this one also directly adjoins the bathtub, but now the space has been better utilized. By installing the POINT complete shower board POINT E90, a customized, tiled floor level walk-in shower area was created. 


Kermi bathroom before
Initial situation: 70s bathroom ...
Kermi bathroom before
... with shower enclosure and bathtub.
Kermi profile shower enclosure PEGA two-part corner entry (hinged doors with fixed panels) with shortened side wall on bathtub
Result: complete renovation bathroom with the use of Kermi PEGA shower enclosure.
Kermi renovated bathroom
Glass cutout on bathtub via KermiEXTRA.