Made to measure, PEGA can be adapted to perfectly suit the room layout and steals the show in a small room.

Kermi profile shower enclosure PEGA two-part corner entry (hinged doors with fixed panels) with shortened side wall on bathtub

A charming solution for a small space: The shower solution PEGA will captivate you with its gently rounded design and exclusive technical and optical features.

Kermi Inspiration bathroom with PEGA and POINT

The shower enclosure PEGA with a shortened side wall can be flush-mounted on the bathtub. This makes optimal use of the space.

Kermi Inspiration bathroom with PEGA and POINT

The wet floor system POINT E65 is particularly suitable for renovations due to its particularly low installation height of 65 cm.

Kermi Inspiration bathroom design radiator CASTEO

Perfect harmony – with the Kermi bathroom and design radiator CASTEO.