Correct cleaning and maintenance

With care and maintenance your shower enclosure will continue to provide pure pleasure.

Enjoy your refreshing pleasure! After that, a few simple steps are all it takes to clean your shower and everything will be spotless again. Water drips off the profiles and insides of the panels. Mechanical parts like hinges and handles need a little more attention – but they will thank you by displaying a shiny surface and working perfectly. You shall find all necessary information in the maintenance and cleaning instructions that accompany every Kermi shower. Should a spare part be required, don’t worry! You have a 20-year after-sales guarantee for the spare parts. Even after the model has been discontinued. You see: We are serious about the long service life.

Kermi cleaning

Correct cleaning is important

To keep your shower enclosure shining for a long time, regular cleaning after use is recommended. After showering, you should first rinse the inner surfaces clean with warm water, then with cold water, and afterwards dry them. Profiles and glass panels may only be cleaned with mild, commercially available cleaning and care agents, e.g., with diluted vinegar water (mixing ratio 1:1). Under no circumstances should abrasive cleaners, alcohol, or nitro thinner etc. be used.

Incorrect treatment, such as cleaning with steel wool or rough microfiber cloths, will cause scratches. If it has not been cleaned for a longer period of time and there is heavy dirt and formation of lime and mineral deposits, we recommend cleaning with polishing paste.

Minimum maintenance for optimal function

It is recommended to lubricate the guide rails, castors, and hinges once a year, e.g., with vaseline or silicon spray, and to retighten the screws of the castors, metal hinges, and rising hinge mechanism in order to maintain trouble-free functionality for many years to come.

Cleaning of glass surfaces finished with CLEAN easy-clean coating

The Kermi easy-clean coating KermiCLEAN for real glass is an ideal option if you wish to spend less time cleaning. The special surface coating prevents stubborn build-up of dried water drops, soap residue, and traces of dirt and limescale. This also prevents germs and bacteria which in turn improves hygiene. Of course, this coating is not a “miracle product” that will eliminate the need for any maintenance. But if you ever don’t have a minute to spare, it's not a problem. Just like the non-stick coating on your frying pan, residues are easier to remove. Another plus point: You will need much less cleaning materials and this benefits not only your pocket, but also the environment.

For cleaning we recommend soft, non-abrasive cloths and commercially available, non abrasive cleaning agents.

NOTE: Highly efficient, rough microfiber cloths and aggressive cleaning agents can damage the surface!

Following hygiene-technical assessment and microbiological tests carried out by an independent institute, KermiCLEAN has been certified as “suitable for use in all areas of the following facilities”: hospitals, nursing homes, senior citizens’ homes, schools, nurseries and similar institutions. During the test, TÜV certified durability of at least ten years.

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General information

Depending on the type of glass, water-quality, and frequency of use, applications and cleaning frequency may vary. A shower enclosure which is installed off-floor or with a flat floor sill always means limited splash water protection. Therefore, it is perfectly normal that water can escape also during cleaning.

NOTE: Single-panel safety glass may suffer a spontaneous fracture due to nickel sulphide inclusions. However, even with the most advanced tests, such as ESG-H , it is unfortunately still not possible to reject such glass panes 100 %, which means that there is always an unavoidable residual risk. Should breakages occur, these are NOT a reason for complaint.

We have also made it much simpler for you to buy replacement parts, because the product data on the back of the instructions or the ID code on the shower enclosure make it very easy to buy replacement sealing strips, for example.