Wet floor system + shower enclosure

The perfect combination.

Kermi shower enclosure MENA two-part corner entry (two-part hinged doors with fixed panels) – half part with wall profile

A Kermi wet floor system and Kermi shower enclosure together create a precisely coordinated fully accessible shower solution from the ground up. Installed level with the floor and individually tiled, the Kermi shower system blends seamlessly into the overall aesthetic appearance of the bathroom. Absolutely hygienic, without edges and ledges. A sophisticated system for high installation security and watertightness and an ideal basis for all Kermi shower enclosures. 
Kermi shower enclosures are developed strictly according to the criteria of universal design, which means they can be used by all generations without any obstacles or restrictions. Threshold-free access, oriented towards individual demands and for every budget. Offering extra comfort and adaptable to every room situation and personal taste. 

The wet floor system program

Behind the floor-level, fully tiled Kermi wet floor system is sophisticated technology with all the necessary, precisely coordinated components, available in variable installation heights and dimensions. Choose between point and channel drains, between stainless steel cover and invisible tiling. And for the renovation sector, Kermi has practical, extra-flat complete shower boards in its product range. 

Kermi Walk-In shower enclosure WALK-IN XB Free Black

Shower board LINE

with channel cover Basic and drain along wall

Kermi profile shower enclosure LIGA with POINT drain

Shower board POINT

with drain cover Exklusiv 2

The shower enclosure product range

Kermi shower enclosures come in an enormously diverse range of designs in a wide variety of dimensions for almost any installation situation. With a stunning array of contemporary and classic shapes, recognized by international design awards.

Kermi profile shower enclosure NICA off-floor two-part sliding door with fixed panel and wall profile

Shower enclosure NICA

2-part sliding door with fixed panel and shower board LINE with channel along wall

Kermi shower enclosure TUSCA hinged door and fixed panel with wall profile

Shower enclosure TUSCA

Single-panel hinged door with fixed panel and shower board POINT with center drain