Sana Kliniken AG

Sana Kliniken AG is one of the leading German healthcare companies. In order to provide patients with the best possible individualized care, expertise in inpatient treatment is combined with preventive, outpatient, and rehabilitative services.

Sana is a pioneer of modern medicine, efficient solutions, and digital transformation in an ever changing healthcare system.

For the first time, a very large and supra-regional conversion project was handled completely internally at Sana, thereby creating new construction standards. The aim was to create a master plan for the entire group and even beyond: An experience that can be made available to all operators of hospital real estate with immediate effect. Sana Immobilien Service GmbH with its Sana added value is glad to be at your disposal for all planning needs in the health care sector.

The elective service rooms in the hospitals, for example in Düsseldorf and Duisburg, were equipped with DIGA and WALK-IN XB shower enclosures, thereby setting a new standard.

Kermi products:

Kermi shower design reference property Sana Kliniken AG
Photo source: Sana Kliniken AG