3D printer house, Beckum

In Beckum in the region of Münsterland in Germany, the first detached house has been built using a 3D concrete printing process. A modern, two-story family home with approx. 160 square meters of living space has become reality.
Innovative construction was achieved with the help of new technologies. 
Comparable to applying cream on a cake, in this case the concrete was applied layer by layer by the printer. You can clearly see the individual round layers, for example, on the walls in the living area. 
With centimeter precision, modern architecture featuring new stylistic forms has been created through careful planning. 
The newly constructed residential building will initially be made available as a showcase property for presentation and research purposes, and in doing so should act as a prototype for innovative construction and digitized and automated processes in the construction industry. 
The company PERI is responsible for the concrete printing, the company Leifhelm & Pelkmann GmbH supervised the installation of sanitary facilities. 
The house is equipped with Kermi shower enclosures from the NICA range without a wall profile. 

Kermi products:

Kermi shower design reference property 3D printer house, Beckum
Photo source: PERI GmbH
Kermi shower design reference property 3D printer house, Beckum