Marks on glass surface


Suction marks
Label marks

Applies to the following series

All with single-panel safety glass ESG

When moisture condenses on the glass pane (hot water vapor/cold shower enclosure pane), which is usually after showering, smudges, sucker marks, or label marks may become visible on the glass surface. These marks disappear as soon as the glass is dry and clean.

The reason these marks appear is the varying wettability of the glass surface.

The surface of the glass pane is “touched, processed, transported, etc.” several times during the manufacturing process. Each contact with the glass surface (hand sweat, grease, label adhesive, normal handling, etc.) has a different surface energy, which inevitably leads to varying wettability on the glass pane of the shower enclosure.

More details on the technical and physical background:

During the production of single-panel safety glass, the individual panes are thoroughly washed with treated water in a special “washing machine”. During this process, the glass surface becomes extremely clean and highly active in chemical and physical terms (i.e., the glass pane has a physical tendency to form compounds). This means that the glass surface will absorb foreign materials such as the smallest amount of hand sweat, invisible amounts of grease, tiny specks of label adhesive, etc., on contact with them during further processing, as the panes have to be touched and handled during production, transport and assembly. This represents the current state of the art.

The glass panes are visually perfectly clean under normal humidity conditions. The phenomenon of “imprints” appearing only occurs at high levels of humidity (during showering). Over time, periodic cleaning of the glass will allow the differential wettability to resolve to a large extent, and the imprints will fade away.

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You can find out more about the matter on the Internet by searching for “suction marks on glass”.