POINT shower board system
Kermi Walk-In shower enclosure on wet floor system Line shower channel

POINT shower board system

Suitable for different situations for installation. It is no coincidence that the fully tiled wet floor system has long been the first choice for example in clinics and facilities with particularly high hygiene requirements. In addition to sheer joy of the bathing culture, it also offers brilliant maintenance and cleaning benefits. As floor-level, flush-mounted, tileable shower area. Without inaccessible corners and edges. For perfect visual and technical bath integration. As POINT wet floor system, with high-quality stainless steel covers in a number of variants and centered or off-center point drain. A sophisticated system from Kermi for high installation security and watertightness.

  • Elegant point drain design and reliable drainage technology in shower board made of high-quality extruded polystyrene rigid foam XPS.
  • Attractive drain covers made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Maximum installation safety and watertightness thanks to sophisticated technology and a comprehensive range of accessories.
  • Shower board system can be individually configured made up of different shower board and drain versions.
  • Comprehensive standard product range for all shower boards for all popular shower situations.
  • Comprehensive special dimensions product range for shower board system versions and complete shower boards. Special solutions available on request.
  • All shower boards can be adapted to individual conditions on site without loss of warranty.
  • POINT wet floor system tested and approved by building authorities (abP).
  • Meets the requirements of DIN 18534 – interior waterproofing.
  • Certified noise protection according to DIN 4109 and VDI 4100 due to special noise protection mats.
  • Made in Germany.
  • A 20 year aftersales guarantee for spare parts after the model has been discontinued.


Kermi wet floor system POINT – shower surface at floor level which can be tiled and with point drain


Kermi wet floor system POINT shower board drain Basic
Kermi wet floor system POINT shower board drain Exclusiv 1
Kermi POINT shower board system drain cover Exclusiv 2


XPS makes it possible: the reliably pressure-resistant and watertight shower area.

Kermi shower board made of polystyrene rigid foam XPS with special coating on both sides

The special coating on both sides of the shower board allows the board to be directly glued, sealed all-round, and tiled.

Kermi POINT complete shower board level with the floor – always correct water drainage due to the factory-set slope

The factory-set optimum slope ensures that the water always runs in the right direction.

Kermi wet floor system POINT suitable for access with a wheelchair

Wheelchair accessible with tile size from 50 x 50 mm.

Easy to clean the Kermi POINT shower board as there is a simple way to remove the channel cover, grating, and odor trap

Cleaning made easy: There is a simple way to remove the drain cover, grating, and odor trap.

Kermi shower board Point – full accessibility thanks to minimal height

Minimum installation heights for infinite “fully accessible” shower comfort in virtually any bathroom.

Kermi wet floor system Point – tile individually at floor level

It couldn't be more individual: can be tiled to suit your personal taste.

Combination of Kermi wet floor system POINT and shower enclosure level with the floor

The perfect shower enclosure to go with the perfect wet floor system: from the extensive range of Kermi shower enclosures including standard items and special solutions.


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