• UNLIMITED // GRENZENLOS Wet floor system + shower enclosure by Kermi.

    Shower solutions for all generations, to meet all requirements, and for all bathrooms.

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    Wet floor system + shower enclosure by Kermi
  • MODERN Dark Edition by Kermi.

    Stylish, urban, and distinctive – this is what a modern shower room looks like with a shower enclosure in an elegant Black Soft Look.

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    Dark Edition by Kermi
  • UNIQUE White Line by Kermi.

    Four unique WALK IN models in a fresh, White Soft look, for a high quality, minimalist bathroom ambiance!

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    White Line by Kermi
  • PROVEN AND TESTED The all-rounder. LIGA

    The popular shower enclosure series LIGA is the all-rounder at Kermi. With many different standard models and door entry options for virtually any bathroom.

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    LIGA by Kermi
  • ASSURED Kermi Quality.

    Quality “Made in Germany” is Kermi's trademark, giving Kermi customers the security of owning a complete, high-quality and long-lasting product.

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    Quality by Kermi