Limescale deposits without KermiCLEAN coating


build up on glass

Applies to the following series

All (except NOVA2000 and shower enclosures with CLEAN coating)

Glass is a natural product and is manufactured according to the European standard EN 12150.

All manufacturers and glass suppliers must comply with this standard.

The glass surface is always the same and appears rough under the microscope. However, this is not visible to the naked eye. Limescale on single-panel safety glass occurs when water evaporates and residues remain on the glass.

Calcium carbonate in the water forms the visible limescale on the microscopically rough surface of the glass. After a time, this reacts with the glass as an alkaline agent and etches into the surface.

The only solution here is to consistently remove the water droplets after each use using a squeegee.

Showering puts a lot of stress on the glass. Not only soap ingredients, but also water droplets containing lime damage the glass surface. Other causes can be, for example, cleaning agent residues, grease (skin grease), or other mineral deposits on the glass caused by water vapor.

Residues are more prominent in the lower part of the shower enclosure, as the water runs downwards and therefore has longer contact with the glass in this area.

For thorough cleaning, we recommend Glasurit fine polishing paste for glass or universal cleaner together with steel wool 0000.

Alternatively, you can mix vinegar essence 1:1 with water. Soak a kitchen towel in it and stick it to the glass. After 5–15 minutes, remove the towels and rinse the glass.

This process should be repeated periodically, as the limescale cannot be removed in one go.