Deposits despite KermiCLEAN coating


Limescale specks
Fog on glass

Applies to the following series

All shower enclosures with KermiCLEAN coating

To avoid any potential misunderstanding, we would like to explain to you the properties of KermiCLEAN:

KermiCLEAN is specially treated clear real glass with a water-repellent surface. This allows the water to run off much more easily when showering, leaving far fewer traces of dirt and limescale. Any residue that does remain on the surface will not stick stubbornly to the glass, but will be easy to clean off.

This benefits both you and the environment: Less cleaning is required, resulting in reduced consumption of cleaning agents.

However, KermiCLEAN treated surfaces still need to be cleaned, just less frequently.

The single-panel safety glass is ordered from the glass supplier with the feature “Clean” and delivered separately to KERMI with an identification sticker that uniquely identifies the panel. The coating process takes place under continuous monitoring in a fully automatic coating plant, guaranteeing the highest possible, consistent quality.

After passing through the plant, the panels are labeled with the “Clean sticker”, which is not removed until they are installed at the customer’s premises. The panels are repeatedly inspected throughout the entire process. This ensures that each “Clean shower enclosure” is delivered with the highest possible quality standard.

After final assembly of the shower doors, it is important to follow special cleaning instructions for KermiCLEAN products:

  • The combination of alkaline substances and moisture has an extremely aggressive effect on glass, as in many other areas. For this reason, do not use any particularly alkaline, acidic, or aggressive agents. Instead, we recommend using standard household detergents.
  • To clean the glass surfaces coated with KermiCLEAN, we advise using soft cloths, non-abrasive cleaning agents, or glass cleaners.
  • Improper care (excessively rough cloths, microfiber cloths, abrasive cleaning agents, etc.) may destroy the KermiCLEAN coating!

In our price list we refer to the characteristics as well as how to maintain the KermiCLEAN glass. This is to draw the customer’s attention to this feature of the product before they make their purchase decision.

We will have to reject any complaints regarding deposits due to the facts outlined above.