Shower enclosure for bathtub
Bath panel DIGA


Decide spontaneously and differently every day. Your Kermi bath screen instantly turns virtually any standard bathtub into a full shower. As the bath screen fits on the bathtub perfectly, hardly any water spray can escape. You can choose between an individual, made-to-measure solution or a standard model. Available in a variety of versions, from reasonable Kerolan acrylic glass to the elegant single panel safety glass solution. As hinged panel, comfortable sliding door or space-saving folding panel. Installation and maintenance – easy, clean, and professional. As Kermi is known.

Kermi shower enclosure for bathtubs

BATHTUB standard models two part sliding door with fixed panel on bathtub | High-Gloss Silver finish | size 1200 x 1500 mm

Kermi shower enclosure for bathtub VARIO 2000

VARIO 2000 three-panel folding screen on bathtub | Matt Silver finish | size 1000 x 1400 mm