Quality wet floor system and shower enclosure by Kermi

Quality “Made in Germany”

Quality of a strong brand

Quality “Made in Germany” is Kermi's trademark, giving you the security of owning an all-round high-quality and long-lasting product. Kermi shower enclosures are characterized by exceptional durability and have been thoroughly tested according to EN 14428 (CE) and PPP 53005 (TÜV/GS), which among other things includes safety-in-use with regards to stability, splash water protection, and being easy-clean.
Kermi has a wide range of products for every requirement and installation situation. All Kermi shower enclosures are made on site in Plattling in Lower Bavaria and are characterized by the highest quality “Made in Germany”. In addition to that, Kermi offers a 20 year aftersales guarantee for spare parts after discontinuation of a model.

Kermi wet floor system and shower enclosure quality


Sophisticated functions make your Kermi shower enclosure an all-round successful experience. Doors which open perfectly and close virtually silently – even after opening them thousand times. 
The optional KermiCLEAN easy-clean coating for safety glass makes it easier to clean. Following hygiene-technical assessment and microbiological tests carried out by an independent institute, KermiCLEAN has been certified as “suitable for use in all areas of the following facilities”: hospitals, nursing homes, senior citizien's homes, schools, nurseries and similar institutions. During the test, TÜV has certified durability of at least ten years.

easy to clean with optional KermiCLEAN easy-clean coating

Splash water protection

All Kermi shower enclosures meet the requirements of splash water protection testing in accordance with DIN EN 14428. It can be said, the higher the barrier, i.e. the floor profile, the less water spray escapes into the room. A special horizontal sealing strip with water repellant effect will ensure pleasing splash water protection in an off-floor shower enclosure without a floor sill.

Kermi horizontal sealing strip for shower enclosures


All Kermi shower enclosures are made of a really strong construction using top quality materials and with a careful finish which can withstand everyday use with ease. The stability of the Kermi shower enclosures is tested using a pendulum impact test. We only use strong, single panel safety glass according to EN 12150, depending on the requirements of the product range and model, in the thicknesses 3 mm to 10 mm. The tempered glass exhibits significantly higher impact and shock resistance than untreated glass.

Kermi shower enclosures made of single panel safety glass according to EN 12150