News 2020
Kermi Raumklima Neuheiten 2020

The complete programme for healthy thermal comfort

Also in 2020 Kermi shows how quality, performance, and diversity can be improved in the context of new challenges. Whether with new products or with additions to the proven Kermi System x-optimised.

See the latest innovations in 2020: with new models and components for a Plus in possibilities, energy efficiency, and comfortable warmth.

Do you know the Kermi efficiency formula? This Kermi system x-optimised has the formula for optimal thermal comfort: the perfect interplay of generating, storing, controlling, and transferring heat and controlling ventilation. Here, we rely on using renewable energies and the intelligent combination of water and electricity-based system components. The “+e” suffix represents the expansion of intelligent electrical solutions. Whether it's a heat pump, storage, radiator, panel heating, or residential ventilation – Kermi offers the complete range for holistic, energy-efficient solutions.


Design radiators

A radiator does not always need to be white and angular. From simple, contemporary elegance to extravagant, elementary design: with Kermi design radiators, you give bathrooms and living areas your personal touch.

Basic plus

A new Basic plus means there is an additional, new design of the classic Basic-50. The thermostatic sensor head is available on the side at a user-friendly height, optionally on left or right. With 50 mm centre connection. For hot water and additional electric operation.

Elveo with mirrored front

The Elveo electric radiator is characterised by pleasant, infrared warmth. Now also available with a mirrored glass front, it combines bathroom mirrors with bathroom heating.

Basic plus

Elveo with mirrored front

Panel heating and cooling

x-net home station

No matter which heat source you use: With panel heating, Kermi x-net home stations provide every apartment with hot, clean water and comfortable room temperatures.

x-net home station with underfloor heating manifold

The x-net home station for hygienic domestic water heating and efficient heat supply is suitable for all heat sources. The modular structure allows safe, quick installation. Also ideal for working in separate assembly stages. New: now also with TW power 45 kW.

x-net home station with underfloor heating manifold

Heat pump and storage

x-buffer heat storage

Kermi x-buffer heat storage are the hydraulic separating element between the heat pump and the heating system, equalising energy differences and storing the thermal energy generated. Efficient, as not all of the energy generated by the heat pump is always used immediately.

x-buffer flex layered buffer storage tank

The new layered buffer storage tank with the unique, modular principle offers a particularly large range of variants. When designing it, emphasis was placed on the simplest, quick and intuitive, hydraulic and electrical installation, as well as flexible on-site connection using the Plug & Heat principle. Further benefits: energy class B insulation, improved layering, and approx. 10 % higher output capacity when heating water.

x-buffer flex layered buffer storage tank

Kermi electric solution

Simple and comfortable

Kermi offers a comprehensive range of solutions for electric heating and ventilation systems. Ideal for modern, new buildings or perfect for retrofitting in apartment renovations. Impressive with their low acquisition and operating costs, simple planning and assembly and comfortable operation.

x-therm +e electric steel panel radiators

Design and bathroom radiator

x-net +e11 mat system

x-well controlled domestic ventilation

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