Module house with Kermi products

Module house

Modular construction is trending. Flexibility and mobility are two keywords that describe this evolution of prefabricated house construction. From single residential modules to large multi-family houses, various building sizes and floor plans can be realised by combining modules. In any case, new modular houses are impressive with their unique flexibility. Add a children's room or remove a home office – if the property situation allows, anything is possible. This is how many people's personal wishes and interest in living in their own home can be realised.

Innovative construction and energy-efficient heating system

Module house
Module house

Far more than a trend, more like an integral part of most builders' requirements, sustainable, energy-efficient construction is particularly important for the new modular houses. At the top of the wish list is also being able to realise individual design wishes. One more room, one room a bit bigger... this can be changed quickly with the prefabricated modules. It is then beneficial if there is a wide range of different components for heating and air conditioning.

  • Cost-oriented: impressive price/performance ratio
  • User-friendly: easy to operate with the most important access options for control
  • Rugged: long service life and reliable functionality
  • Low operating costs: low energy consumption due to efficient operation, with low maintenance requirements
  • Pollutant-free: both the materials used as well as when in operation
  • High degree of pre-assembly: saves time during installation
  • Interface solutions: flexible option to connect up the individual house modules
  • Function-oriented: functional area precisely designed to meet the respective requirement

Customised for the highest possible flexibility

Although pre-installed supply connections in the residential modules entail some restrictions, it is also beneficial, as less effort is required to install electricity, water, and heating. Also worthwhile: energy-efficient heating and ventilation systems that are customised to fit the respective house type.

therm-x2 LineV-Plus steel panel radiators

therm-x2 steel panel radiators. Patented x2-technology ensures top energy efficiency and pleasant thermal comfort.

Kermi Elveo

Bathroom and living room radiators. For individual design of bathrooms and living spaces.

Kermi residential ventilation

Controlled residential ventilation. Clean air and pleasant thermal comfort in modern houses.

x-net underfloor & wall heating

Surface heating. Invisible heating and cooling for all requirements with x-net underfloor or wall heating.

Kermi x-change heat pump & x-buffer storage

Heat pumps and heat storage systems. Generate heat in an environmentally friendly manner and store it sensibly.