Energy efficiency is extremely important in a hotel. If you want to keep costs under control here, you need individually tailored solutions for long-lasting, reliable operation. In addition, a sustainable and future-oriented concept is becoming increasingly important for many guests and thus a real factor when looking for a hotel.

5 stars for greater comfort and lower consumption

Thermal comfort in hotels makes challenging demands of the technology. On the one hand, there are large spaces such as the lobby, restaurants, or event areas, and on the other, the rooms with a rather limited amount of space. Here you can rely on a programme that is perfectly matched to the various requirements.

  • Individual control: heating and cooling can be controlled separately for each room
  • A pleasant sense of well-being: guests and staff will experience positive thermal comfort throughout the year
  • Can be integrated: problem-free integration of all components into the existing building management system
  • Easy to clean / hygienic: surfaces as smooth as possible, no hidden edges, corners, slits, and openings, including on the fixings
  • Low operating costs: low energy consumption due to efficient operation and low maintenance requirements
  • Pollutant-free: both the materials used as well as when in operation
  • Ambience: attractive design is particularly important for areas such as entrance halls, conference rooms, etc.,
  • Climate protection / recycling: in production as well as in operation, all components are characterised by the lowest possible CO2footprint

Comfort meets efficiency

Economy on the one hand, short response time and high performance on the other – make no compromises and go for a perfectly matched system with a precisely defined understanding of warmth, comfort, and aesthetics.

Kermi convector

Convector. Compact, elegant radiator and ideal in front of floor-to-ceiling windows

Kermi heating panel

Heating panels. Amazing heat output despite short heating periods and precise control. Also available as a special solution for any installation situation.

therm-x2 LineV-Plus steel panel radiators

therm-x2 steel panel radiators. Patented x2-technology ensures top energy efficiency and pleasant thermal comfort.

Kermi Credo-Half design radiator

Bathroom and living room radiators. For individual design of bathrooms and living spaces.

x-net underfloor & wall heating

Surface heating. Invisible heating and cooling for all requirements with x-net underfloor or wall heating.

Kermi x-well S370 residential ventilation

Controlled residential ventilation. Clean air and pleasant thermal comfort in modern houses.